Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dinnertime Conversation

I'd like to let you in on our conversations tonight at the dinner table:

Jeremy had to go into work early, so it was just Jayce, Grayson and I. Jayce and I were discussing best friends. He mentioned that Lightning McQueen and Mader are best friends. So are Bob and Larry. Likewise, Mickey and Pluto. Naturally, I thought I'd take it a little farther and I asked Jayce who his best friend was. He thought for a moment, looked at me and smiled and said, "Name's Mommy and Grayson."

My heart literally melted into a blubbering puddle within my chest until he continued, "And Lightning. And Mader. And Bob. And Larry." Thanks son. At least I ranked above those imaginary characters.

Jayce has also been quite fixated on birthdays since we celebrated mine a month ago. On Mother's Day, he kept wishing me a happy birthday. By the end of the day, I got him straightened out and he was wishing me a "Happy Mommy's Day" instead. Tonight, he looks at me and says, "Happy birthday Mommy! Happy Mommy's Day! Happy birthday cake?" Seriously, this kid is a boy after my own heart. Love him.


Kim M said...

Very funny!!!

Jenney said...

Jayce is too cute.
Ok, so you want to know something I did that was INCREDIBLY stupid? James and I sing "Happy Birthday" to him, his bears, Jackson, you know...on and on and on DAILY. So when my mother-in-law's birthday came around and we were all singing "happy birthday" I accidentally sang "happy birthday dear James" like I do 99 times a day. Oh my, I thought she might kill me. She was livid. I am so so STUPID.