Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

Nearly 24 hours later, I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened on last night's finale of LOST. The opening sequence was enough to send my tiny brain into a tailspin that it was forever trying to free itself from over the following two hours. Such good TV!!
Given the fact that I'm generally obsessed with this show and that I read about it incessantly, I went into last night's episode with a little bit of previous knowledge: it had been reported that a main character that had been around since season 1 would die. I was literally crawling out of my skin the entire time trying to figure out who they were talking about. I'd jump at every shot taken or punch thrown. Last week I think my heart skipped a beat when LOST lead me to believe (even for just a moment) that Kate had been shot. (Remember when she was walking away from Jack and the Other and the Other threatened to shoot her - then a shot rang out and Kate stopped short. I seriously thought she was a goner for a split-second.) Naturally, through this entire episode I was just waiting for the ax to fall (figuratively speaking) and for one of those characters that I have been so invested in for 5 long years to suddenly be dead.
First, Sayid was shot in the gut. Then the fight between Sawyer and Jack. Let's not forget Jack getting the toolbox to the back of the head.... I just kept waiting for it and waiting for it. Oh, and poor Juliet. (Although, it should be argued that her death couldn't be what they had been talking about - she did not become a fixture on LOST until season 3) Ok, I'm getting way ahead of myself. Let's start again, this time from the beginning:
How about that opening sequence? We've finally met Jacob, the mystical being of the island that seems to be just a man. Did you notice that Jacob wore white? And his nemesis wore black? I will present to you a theory: I'm wondering if the man in black, the one who hates Jacob and wants him dead, is actually Smokey (aka the Smoke Monster). Smokey has proven to be able to take on the personification of various people (Eko's brother, Alex, Christian Shepherd (?), etc.), so maybe this is his actual being. Until he decides to take on Locke's body. Think about it - Smokey is the one that tells Ben he has to do everything that Locke tells him, and Locke (who is actually the man in black, or Smokey) is telling Ben to kill Jacob. Something that the Man in Black (Smokey?) can't actually do himself. What a manipulation!
Speaking of manipulation, Jacob has touched all of our castaways' lives. He personally has been involved in turning points in all of their lives. He kept Kate from getting in trouble when she was a kid, he stopped Sayid from walking out in the path of that car, he was the reason Hurley got on the Ajira flight, etc. Jacob was influencing their lives before they were on the island! But the question is, why?
How excited were you to see Rose, Bernard, and Vincent again? I love the little bit of closure and comic relief this part of the storyline allowed us (Rose: Oh h*ll no! Bernard, they found us! - hilarious). I feel for these three. Don't they deserve a happy ending?
I literally watched the last 30 minutes of last night's finale two times and then slept on it before I was able to come up with some conclusions for myself:
1. What ever you do, don't take on the Losties. You will surely die. Did you hear that Phil? Radzinsky? Yeah, that's right!
2. Love is doomed on this show: Kate and Jack obviously still love one another, but they just can't be together. Sawyer and Juliet were in this perfect relationship, and it got blown to pieces (literally). Claire and Charlie realize their love, then Charlie sacrifices it all to save Claire. Sun and Jin are stuck in different time periods. Just as heartbreaking as it was when Charlie died at the end of season 3, Sawyer and Juliet were literally pulled apart which left Sawyer a pool of blubbering mess. Tears were shed. Not just by Sawyer.
3. Those people on the Ajira flight aren't as bad as I thought! They took the time to trek all over the island to show Richard Locke's dead body...
4. Which means: Locke is really dead! But who is that walking around in Locke's skin - back to my previous theory: Smokey has now taken over Locke's body so that he can "lead" the Others. What better way to do that than to take out the one who gives the orders: Jacob. I think that Jacob is the death they were talking about in the press. Someone who's been there since season 1 and a main character. He does fit the criteria. But, so does Locke's death. Even though he was already dead. But we confirmed it.
5. Juliet is a survivor. After falling down a drilling shaft (who knows how far!), she manages to wake up and beat the living tar out of a nuclear bomb, thus setting it off and leaving us.... where? Waiting for January 2010. Eight long months of waiting. Waiting to find out where the show can go from here. What is the fate of our Losties? Does the bomb really "reset" the past? If so, how does that work? Is Juliet dead? Shouldn't she be reset too? What about Miles? If the plane lands in LA (although, I don't think it's going to - did you see the "promo" for next year? Jack's eye opening in the jungle, just like the very first episode...), does that mean that Boone, Shannon, Charlie, etc will be back next year? What does the title at the end tell us - white background with black lettering. The exact opposite of usual. You know that had meaning... but what?
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Erin Morgan said...

Great Recap - Mel!! Is the Smokey theory yours or did you read it somewhere? I think it's a great theory. Jordan Kroller from CU had some great theories at the beginning of the season, and some of them have been blown apart by this last episode. I'm excited to see what he has to say!

MelArcile said...

I think I read it in a comments section somewhere, but I've expanded on it a bit. I'm not sure I know who Jordan Kroller is.

Kim M said...

So you always have so much more insight than I would ever find in this show. I have to say I did love this one. I was not so totally lost (no pun intended) during it. I'm looking forward to the next season being the last to see how these incredible writers are going to tie it all up. Of course, they will probably leave something hanging, they always do. I did love having closure with Rose and Bernard. Why didn't they do something with Claire? Didn't she just walk away into the jungle? Have we ever seen her dead? Don't get that at all. Also, if Juliet gets reset she is going to be miserable. When we met her all she wanted was to be able to go home but Ben wouldn't allow it.

Ravin2 said...

The reset theory is really going to mess things up, great insight Mom! Also, Claire did show up with Christian Shepherd - at the same time. Does that mess up the theory of Smokey and how he can appear at the same time as two people.

1. I love that Ben is now getting used after using so many people, but I'd rather see him redeemed in some way and reconcile.
2. The dad factor is in FULL EFFECT. We now know that Juliet's father/mother were jacked up too.
3. Everyone on the island that is still there has significant issues, is the island a place of redemption/reconciliation by bringing people together in community.
4. I had that same idea about someone taking the form of other people before they entered the temple, BUT I thought it was going to be Jacob taking the form of other people. That was destroyed in 10 seconds once they were looking at the blanket thing.
5. What does the Latin phrase that Richard answered say in English?
6. I'm so glad that you caught Jack's eye and the color change. The visually rhetorical means are pretty obvious. Everything is changing, everything is turned on its head. Everything is different now. But how? :)

That's the fun of it all, we'll put our theories together and we'll be so excited then when they reveal we'll just say... mine was better!

MelArcile said...

I'm beginning to think that we may never find out what happened to Claire. Think about it, if they just "reset" their past because of the bomb, Claire should be alive and well, pregnant and ready to give birth. We won't NEED to know where she is/what happened to her, but I know that I will still WANT to know. I hope they answer that question, along with the thousands of others...
Here's a thinker: With no need for the Swan, which means no need for the hatch, which means no numbers, which means Hurley's friend doesn't hear the numbers and goes crazy, which means Hurley doesn't play those numbers in the lottery, which means he doesn't win... Will he still be on the plane? I'm quite sure he didn't need to go to Australia to find out about the numbers if they never existed, so he technically shouldn't be on the plane, right? Just a thought.
This whole bomb thing could really mess a lot of stuff up!

Lindzerelli said...

I don't think Juliet is dead... but that is just me. I think the character from season one who is "dead" is Locke. Even though we are still seeing his physical body, the real Locke is gone.

I read another theory that the man in black is Esau, as in Jacob and Esau. Didn't he say he wanted to kill Jacob when they were sitting on the beach? I agree that he is the Smoke monster.

Who do you think "they" are. Jacob says "They're coming" right after Ben stabbed him.

That's all I've got. 2010, doesn't that seem like it is so far away? I will be so sad when this show is over for good!

I couldn't believe that Sawyer cried. I ♥ him.

Lindzerelli said...

Oh! I don't know if this was a rhetorical question or not, but I found this on the watch w/ Kristin site

Richard's answer to Ilana's question ("What lies in the shadow of the statue?") was in Latin, He said, "Ille qui nos omnis servabit." Translation: "He who will save us all."

Ravin2 said...

@Lindzerelli - thanks for the translation! I appreciate it. Definitely a packed quotation.

@MelArcile - no one has ventured a guess yet to who should be coming now. Can it be "everyone" because Jacob held the powers to move the island to where it would not be findable. After all, he was the one htat brought that ship to the island while he ate with "Esau."

@Both - I heard that Jacob/Esau theory too earlier this weekend like a cosmic good vs. bad scenario (i.e. white and black clothing on the beach, etc.). But, remember that Jacob was not completely innocent in the Biblical account. He was a conniver and a deceiver. Esau was a brute, but not evil. Esau was more justified than Jacob. The analogy breaks down pretty quickly. Unless, the great reveal at the end may be the tensions between good and evil; faith and reason; and how sometimes it's not as simple as a black and white argument. Jack, as our most dynamic character, is toying around with the complexities of these questions right now.