Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Hate Grey's Anatomy

Tonight, I turned on Grey's Anatomy to pass some time while I was feeding Grayson just before bed. Big mistake on my part. I do love medical shows - it probably goes back to my desire to be a doctor or nurse as a kid. I can honestly say that ER was one of my favorite shows in high school and college. I watched Grey's Anatomy when it first started, but I'm more of a fair weather friend. I tune in when my husband doesn't mind or when they have a crazy story line going on - for instance, Izzy dying. So, tonight, I turn on my TV... there are people dying of cancer, including a little girl. Day in, day out, I'm following Stellan, Kayleigh, Gabe and Jonah, Tuesday, Tricia and Gwyneth, praying for healing, praying for life and that these children live, and it's emotional and stressful. It even touched a little too close to home last month when my cousin's baby, Baby J, went through his own share of problems. I remember sitting in this very spot and literally sobbing when reading that little Tuesday had lost her battle with cancer. So, sitting down tonight for some mindless TV ended up being quite the opposite. As I sit in the very spot I was in when I heard that Stellan wasn't doing well today, that Gabe was missed yesterday on his 1st birthday, that Tricia is back in the hospital with pneumonia, I looked to a television program to take my mind off of the suffering that surrounds me in blogworld. And I watched a little girl die in the arms of her father. I hate Grey's Anatomy.


Jenney said...

Me too, so I watch Southland instead where cops get shot at and cheat on their wives (things that happen often in real life as you well know) because THAT settles me before bed! Sheesh.

Erin Morgan said...

Me too!! Although I don't follow all of the blogs that you do, I too cried my eyes out! I have more and more nights that I'll go up to Finn's room and pick him up from his bed, and rock him for a while... sometimes just crying my eyes out. I'm so thankful for my healthy boy and yet feel so guilty for our friends and acquaintances who have babies fighting for their lives.

Sara said...

I was sitting on the couch watching it too while Dan fell asleep next to me. I was sobbing so hard that he woke up and freaked out saying "oh my GOD, what's wrong" After explaining what happened he reminded me "it was just a tv show". As you mentioned from all the real life situations people are put in, I was crying because I realized it's not JUST a TV show. It can happen to anyone's baby :( So Sad!