Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grandma's Preschool

Today, Grandma took Jayce and I over to her preschool to play. Since they are on spring break this week, we had the run of the school and playground. Check out the fun we had...
Grandma and Jayce "racing" down the duel slide. Grandma won.
The jungle gym had an abacus under it. Jayce "counted" to ten using it. He had a very interesting way of doing it...
Peeking out of the "boat" climber.
Grandma and Jayce went for a drive in the car. They went to Wendy's. I think I have a problem...
Playing peek-a-boo, again.
Sliding down the "big slide" with Grandma.
Jayce did a lot of sliding. Up, down, up, down, boat, up, down. That's basically how it went on the playground.
Playing with the toys in Grandma's classroom. He found a box of cars and and old school Preschool Garage to drive them up and down.
Jayce is hard at work playing with the farm, while Grandma is hard at work getting ready for next week at school.
Peek-a-boo. We seem to play this game a lot...
Jayce had a blast playing in the sand table. For you moms out there, invest in some "jewels" to bury in your sandbox. At the preschool, they were a bag of shimmery stones from the dollar store. He sat there for at least 15 minutes looking for them.
I'm buying a sand box for our back yard this week. I was already thinking about it, but our trip to the preschool confirmed that for me.
We had a lot of fun playing at the preschool today. Thanks Grandma for bringing us along!


Kim M said...

Looks like so much fun! Jayce looks like quite a hard worker, quite the concentration!

Jenney said...

Oh! I never thought of hiding jewels in the sandbox...will do!