Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally, Some Pictures

I realized as I was looking back through some of my blog posts over the last week that there is a definitely lack of pictures of my two boys and what we've been doing. Now, the reasoning for this is pretty basic: we've been doing nothing of consequence, and posting a bunch of photos of the boys doing nothing is, well, boring. So, here's a whole post of pictures of stuff we've been doing over the past couple of weeks. I hope they don't bore you to death.

We've been spending some time at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandma found a Little People Sesame Street set in her basement that was Jeremy's (and his sisters') when he was little. Sesame Street is the first thing that Jayce asks for every time we get to their house now.
Jayce also got a "big boy potty". Mind you, he refuses to sit on it now, even when being bribed by M&M's, so he's not exactly advancing on the potty training front. I'm not too sure how to progress from here, so if you have some advice, please, let me know!! As for now, I'm willing to give him one M&M for just sitting on it, but I'm not pushing the issue. I might try harder in a couple of weeks.
We went to see the butterflies again. Grayson wore Jayce's hat from Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel. Doesn't he look smashing (pretend I said that with an English accent...)?
Grayson got to get up close and personal with a butterfly that Jeremy rescued from being stuck to a window.
We also checked out the Children's Sculpture park at Meijer Gardens for the first time. Jayce thought the child-sized gate was terrific. He refused to leave there on our way out. It's always fun picking up a screaming child and walking out of a place... But my child would NEVER do that!
In the activity building, there were butterfly costumes and puzzles and many other fun things to do.
Grayson is experimenting with new foods. He doesn't exactly seem too interested in baby food (which I majorly stocked up on when it was on sale a couple of months ago, of course), so I've been giving him some table foods to try. Tonight he tried some cooked peas from our beef stew. This neat device he's holding is a bag that you put food in, and he chews it up in there and sucks out the mashed up bits. He tried his first banana that way. The tricky part is getting it clean afterwards.
Jayce is not a fan of me feeding Grayson during dinner, but only when Jeremy has to work. He will scream and cry and tell me to stop feeding Grayson. He even lets me feed him. Can we say jealous??
We've been spending some time outside, when the weather is nice enough. I hit up a Moms-to-Moms sale last weekend and got this nifty golf set (brand new!) for Jayce. He loves it, walking around the back yard, hitting the balls and pulling the cart around. Good investment, I'd say.
Grayson still has yet to actually crawl, but he's becoming quite the expert at scooting backwards! This week he went from our living room floor, around a corner, past the bathroom and into the playroom. I took pictures to document the movement. I also used a lint roller on his pants when he was done because of all of the dog/cat hair he acquired along his journey. I suppose I need to sweep the floors a little better now.
He kinda got stuck in the playroom, otherwise I think he might have made it back out to the living room. As I'm typing this, he's made it from directly in front of me to the door of the kitchen. Expert.
That's all I have right now. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Kim M said...

We LOVE pictures - when we are not around for the everyday moments, we cherish pictures - bring them on. If someone seems to be bored with them - they can scroll thru them and be done, but this Nana loves to look at them over and over.
The picture of Jayce sitting on the potty reminds me of "Beaver" from the ancient TV show "Leave It To Beaver" - something about his pitiful look on his face.
Grayson in the hat is my favorite of him.
It's FRIDAY, we get to see these boys in person and play, kiss and hug for ourselves. Yeah for Friday!

Ravin2 said...

Great pics. Grayson stuck in the corner of the playroom is priceless. Nice hat. Great golf find. All of them are just you. I love it! Can we get some pictures of Jeremy too?