Monday, April 13, 2009

200th Post

I dare say that it is highly appropriate that my 200th post would be pictures of a family gathering. After all, in my "About Me" section off to the right, "this is my venture into creative sharing of pictures and info with family back home." Well, happy 200th post to me. Here's some pictures of our Easter celebration yesterday.
My two boys. Jayce likes to say this when I'm holding both of my two boys. Hmm, I wonder where he gets it!
Brotherly love. He was not prompted to do this. Totally a decision he made on his own!
Grandma and Grandpa wanted to get in on the picture-taking fun. We did another little "photo shoot" when we got to lunch at their house.
Jayce was getting goofy while we were trying to take their pictures.
Since I don't get in too many pictures, here's a couple of me and "my two boys". :)

Grayson looked so handsome in his little dress outfit. We got lucky - I already had Jayce's outfit from shopping some clearance sales last year, and I stumbled across another sale at the same store. I even found similar sweater vests.
Can you tell they are brothers? Both of the boys are biting their bottom lips in this picture also.
Even though Jeremy was sleep deprived, he still got up much too early and came with us to his parents' house to celebrate with the whole family.
We got several good family pictures with all of the Meyers clan.
Jeremy got a little trigger happy with his camera remote. I think he took about 10 to 15 pictures. Mind you, I'm all about taking plenty so that we end up with at least one good shot, but it was getting a tad excessive. I think that's what I'm telling him in this photo.
We took a few family shots outside also. I only included this one because I think Grayson's facial expression is hilarious. I think he was channeling the annoyance everyone else was thinking...
Jayce got to do an Easter egg hunt this afternoon. Grandma certainly knows him well: the eggs were filled with animal crackers and M&M's.
Grayson really enjoyed his new Easter book that was in his Easter basket.
I'm not sure which one was more excited about Jayce's Easter basket: Grandma or Jayce!
I love this shot.
Jayce was really excited about his new Lightening and Mader. It's all he wanted to play with tonight.
This is Grayson's look that says: "Um, Mom. Are you done with the camera yet? Don't you have enough pictures? Why don't you put the camera down and come play with me and my new toys... Thanks."
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebration with whomever you were able to celebrate with today. Happy Easter.

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Jenney said...

Cute pictures. Glad you had a nice Easter. See you SATURDAY!