Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit Jeremy's aunt and uncle, the parents of Grayson's namesake, Nate. Uncle Gary and Aunt Eldora were in Michigan because of Eldora's work, and we made the drive up to Mount Pleasant to have a chance to see them.
While we were visiting them at their hotel, we had the opportunity to take the boys swimming for the first time this year, which means it was this child's first time in a pool - EVER!
We had lots of fun splashing around and practicing floating. I was telling Jayce that this year he is going to learn to swim, with the help of swimmies or a life jacket.
Do you think he enjoyed the water? Grayson just reclined on me most of the time, kicking his legs. Every once in a while, he would sit up and splash with his hands for a few minutes, then recline again. He really seemed to enjoy it.
After we got back up to Gary and Elorda's hotel room, Uncle Gary took some time to read with Jayce. They were looking at a Goldbug book, one of Jeremy's favorites when he was a kid, and now a definite favorite of Jayce's.
We had a wonderful, but much too short of a visit with Uncle Gary and Eldora. As we were driving back home, we were discussing how we could fit a visit down to Pennsylvania into our already hectic summer. I'm sure we'll find a way... after all, we can't wait another year to see these wonderful relatives again!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I am not totally excited to post that Stellan is out of the hospital and enjoying the sights and sounds of Boston right now, while eagerly awaiting his flight home tomorrow! I am not totally thrilled to be able to resume my Not Me! Monday posts (I had stopped while Stellan was hospitalized) and to get back to confessing those goofy, silly, embarrassing things that I do on a very regular basis. Little Stellan - I can't wait to see pictures of you at home with your MckFamily. What an answer to prayer.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Hate Grey's Anatomy

Tonight, I turned on Grey's Anatomy to pass some time while I was feeding Grayson just before bed. Big mistake on my part. I do love medical shows - it probably goes back to my desire to be a doctor or nurse as a kid. I can honestly say that ER was one of my favorite shows in high school and college. I watched Grey's Anatomy when it first started, but I'm more of a fair weather friend. I tune in when my husband doesn't mind or when they have a crazy story line going on - for instance, Izzy dying. So, tonight, I turn on my TV... there are people dying of cancer, including a little girl. Day in, day out, I'm following Stellan, Kayleigh, Gabe and Jonah, Tuesday, Tricia and Gwyneth, praying for healing, praying for life and that these children live, and it's emotional and stressful. It even touched a little too close to home last month when my cousin's baby, Baby J, went through his own share of problems. I remember sitting in this very spot and literally sobbing when reading that little Tuesday had lost her battle with cancer. So, sitting down tonight for some mindless TV ended up being quite the opposite. As I sit in the very spot I was in when I heard that Stellan wasn't doing well today, that Gabe was missed yesterday on his 1st birthday, that Tricia is back in the hospital with pneumonia, I looked to a television program to take my mind off of the suffering that surrounds me in blogworld. And I watched a little girl die in the arms of her father. I hate Grey's Anatomy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Problem With Learning To Crawl...

... is that sometimes one can get himself into a somewhat precarious situation.
Um, Mom, instead of taking my picture, you should be rescuing me!!!
I'm stuck! I'm stuck! I'm stuck....
Ooh, the strap! I remember why I came under this chair!
Uh oh, here we go again!

Praying Hard

Today the boys and I are sporting orange in support of Stellan. Please join us in prayer and throw on a bit of orange to show your support too! Little Stellan, may God be with you today and always.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Flyin' High

Ok, Jayce, on three!
...and away!!!
... to Earth again.
And while Jayce was doing this...
Grayson was watching, waiting, hoping his turn comes next!

Oops, I Almost Forgot...

Breaking News: Grayson is officially a crawler by textbook terms. On his stomach, he pulls himself forward with his hands and pushes himself with his feet in a forward motion. He is considered creeping when he's up on his hands and knees. Thankfully, he's not there yet. Otherwise, he'd be much faster than I am at getting things up off of the floor - you know. The stuff he's not supposed to have! Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programing.

Irrational Fears

Since becoming a mother, I've become more and more aware of the bad habits and irrational fears that I exhibit. Naturally, I want and desire to not pass these on to my children. Honestly, would you want to go through life living in a house that's messy, eating junk food, and being afraid of raw meat and bees? Now that I've let you in on some of my neurosis, let me continue this post...
Last week, we were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy some springtime weather by spending lots of time outside playing in the backyard and at the park. Mostly, the boys played and I snapped pictures. After all, I covet those days that the natural light seems perfect for an impromptu photo shoot. So, while I was doing this:
Grayson was doing this:
And while I was doing this:
Jayce was taking a breather and eating fruit snacks like this:
I continued to do this:
While this:
... decided it was time to attack a bee. A huge bee. The size of the end of my thumb - from the last knuckle to the end - huge.
Now, if you've ever spent any amount of time with me outdoors during the summertime, you know that I have an irrational fear of bees. And wasps. And hornets. Pretty much, anything that stings. I know exactly where my fear comes from - when I was 8 or 9, I ventured under my uncle's pool deck to look for something and failed to notice a basketball-sized bee's nest. I received several stings on my back and arms as a result. Fast forward twenty years, and as soon as I see a stinging insect, I still run for the hills.
So, I'm enjoying my time with the boys outside, and I noticed our dog, Lexi, nosing at something in the grass. Since she's notorious for eating anything outside, I yelled at her to stop. She kept going and going, so I walked over to get her attention. That's when I noticed the yellow and black body of a bee. I froze mid-step. Jayce was eating his fruit snacks at the picnic table at the other end of the yard, but Grayson was still swinging just a couple of feet from where Lexi was playing with her new "toy". I immediately determined that the bee needed to die, so it wouldn't get mad(der) and fly away and sting the first thing it came across - Grayson. I reached for the closest thing to kill it with:
(I'm sure you are thinking: Why didn't you just step on it? My answer: the irrational fear made me think that it was already pretty pissed off and it would find some way to sting me before it died. And I was wearing flip flops.) Yes, a rake. Technically, I could have used Jayce's snow shovel, but I thought he might try to get it from me. Also, I know that squished bees exude some sort of aroma that attracts other bees - not exactly what I wanted on a tool that my kid likes to use everyday.
So, the rake was my choice. And not the best one. I neglected to take into consideration that the end of the rake and the soft ground would allow for escape for the evil insect. It probably didn't help that I refused to step within five feet of the dying insect. Thankfully, it was unable to fly, so I kept at it. That sucker refused to die! And to add to the dilemma, the rake kept on flinging the bee around the yard - not far, but enough that it kept getting closer to Grayson who was still in his swing.
Then Jayce got done with his snack and he came over to help me with "raking" or whatever he thought I was doing. Now, I was frantically hitting at the ground where the bee had landed the last time it was flung around with one hand, and holding Jayce back with the other hand, praying that the sucker would just give up and die! Finally, finally it came to it's resting place:
No, you can't see my striped enemy in this picture, because it was essentially buried as I kept smashing it into the ground, but rest assured: It's there. He's dead. Finally. A little part of me hoped that by burying him, he wouldn't attract his flying buddies.
After looking back at what happened in our backyard the other day, I know exactly how insane I looked as I stood five feet away from a spot on the ground that I kept smacking with a rake. I understand that I was being somewhat neurotic about taking the life of an insect. I just can't help myself. I just hope that my boys didn't pay too close of attention to how I was behaving...

Not So Good

As it turns out, I'm not so good at paying attention to all aspects of my life at the same time. It would seem that I can do well by my kids, my husband, and my blog, but my house and my time get neglected. If I want to concentrate on my time and my blog, unfortunately the kids get lots of TV time and the house is forgotten. Oh, and my husband gets forgotten. Are you seeing where I'm going with this? Well, lately, I've been trying to catch up on some "me" time and pay better attention to the kids and hubby (meaning, no computer when they are up and around) and keep my house clean and picked up - naturally, that means no blogging for large periods of time. I even have a couple of posts "written" in my head. Still, no time. Well, blog friends, I'm trying to make some time for you this week. Please be patient with me as I am not so good at keeping up with so many things. Thanks for understanding.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

i {heart} faces

It's that time of the week again. I'm thrilled to tell you that this week there is an amateurs contest - what better category to enter in, because I'm truly an amateur, and I'm looking for helpful hints that anyone might want to pass along to me!

I took this picture Easter afternoon, while my son searched my in-law's house for Easter eggs.

Again, please feel free to leave some constructive criticism or helpful hints in the comments section. As always, hop (get it! Spring. Bunny. Hop. Tee hee...) on over to i {heart} faces to check out the other amateur entries for this week!

200th Post

I dare say that it is highly appropriate that my 200th post would be pictures of a family gathering. After all, in my "About Me" section off to the right, "this is my venture into creative sharing of pictures and info with family back home." Well, happy 200th post to me. Here's some pictures of our Easter celebration yesterday.
My two boys. Jayce likes to say this when I'm holding both of my two boys. Hmm, I wonder where he gets it!
Brotherly love. He was not prompted to do this. Totally a decision he made on his own!
Grandma and Grandpa wanted to get in on the picture-taking fun. We did another little "photo shoot" when we got to lunch at their house.
Jayce was getting goofy while we were trying to take their pictures.
Since I don't get in too many pictures, here's a couple of me and "my two boys". :)

Grayson looked so handsome in his little dress outfit. We got lucky - I already had Jayce's outfit from shopping some clearance sales last year, and I stumbled across another sale at the same store. I even found similar sweater vests.
Can you tell they are brothers? Both of the boys are biting their bottom lips in this picture also.
Even though Jeremy was sleep deprived, he still got up much too early and came with us to his parents' house to celebrate with the whole family.
We got several good family pictures with all of the Meyers clan.
Jeremy got a little trigger happy with his camera remote. I think he took about 10 to 15 pictures. Mind you, I'm all about taking plenty so that we end up with at least one good shot, but it was getting a tad excessive. I think that's what I'm telling him in this photo.
We took a few family shots outside also. I only included this one because I think Grayson's facial expression is hilarious. I think he was channeling the annoyance everyone else was thinking...
Jayce got to do an Easter egg hunt this afternoon. Grandma certainly knows him well: the eggs were filled with animal crackers and M&M's.
Grayson really enjoyed his new Easter book that was in his Easter basket.
I'm not sure which one was more excited about Jayce's Easter basket: Grandma or Jayce!
I love this shot.
Jayce was really excited about his new Lightening and Mader. It's all he wanted to play with tonight.
This is Grayson's look that says: "Um, Mom. Are you done with the camera yet? Don't you have enough pictures? Why don't you put the camera down and come play with me and my new toys... Thanks."
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebration with whomever you were able to celebrate with today. Happy Easter.