Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oops, I Almost Forgot...

In our busy state since getting back from Arizona, I almost forgot to let you all know that we got the results from the tests the doctors were running on Grayson. Reminder, at his 6-month check up, the doctor was a little concerned at the rate he was still growing at, so she wanted to run a few blood tests to check for a specific genetic condition that could account for his large size. She also requested a head ultrasound to check for brain development because his head is so big. Seriously, have you seen his dad? Jeremy had a huge noggin. It runs in the family, people!
Anyway, we got a phone call from the doctor while we were gone. The head ultrasound came back perfect (um, yeah! We know he's perfect!) and most of the blood tests were good, specifically the genetic test. That came back negative for what she was testing for (praise God!). The only thing that came back odd was a thyroid function test. The doctor was speculating that he might have a low-functioning thyroid (meaning, it wasn't working as well, so he's heavier than normal), which should show up on the blood test with a high number. Ironically, the number for the test was low. Opposite of what she was expecting. The doctor told us that she wanted to look into that a little bit and that she would get back to me this past Thursday. However, no phone call came, and she's out of the office until Tuesday, so I'm hoping to talk to her then. I'll try to keep you posted as soon as I find out more. Thanks for your prayers.

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Jenney said...

Please keep up posted! I want you to come visit me and bring Grayson...we'll switch them out when the nurses aren't looking and then video tape their reactions when they see Grayson instead of Baby J in the crib. I think we could win the $10,000 on world's funniest videos!
I am so glad they didn't find anything bad with him.