Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Yes, blog friends, it is that time of the week again... it's time for Not Me! Monday, the day that I confess my ineptitude as a wife and mother, a la MckMama-style.

I did not cook dinner only two times in the past week. I always make a home-cooked meal for my family, each and every night, on the table at 6 pm for all to feast on. We did not go out to eat 3 times, have my parent's buy pizza one night, and have a "fend for yourself" night too. We did not find the best pizza place in West Michigan this week. I would not totally recommend them to anyone who asked. The night we got the pizza, I did not suggest getting two orders of bread sticks with dinner, and then eat most of one order of them on my own. I would never over-indulge myself on something so unhealthy... especially because I'm not still trying to lose the flubber around my midsection baby weight I still carry from my first pregnancy. Nope, not me!

I never could have been caught this week, participating in the following conversation:
Jayce: Mommy, read Bible (holding his Children's Bible)?
Me: What Jayce? You want to read a book? (said totally distracted, because I'm looking over my husband's shoulder as he is online)
Jayce: Mommy, read Bible?
Me: Not right now, kiddo. Mommy's trying to read online.
Jeremy: Did you just say that??
I never put my own selfish desires over my children's needs and wants. I never put things like the internet or blogging, or email ahead of my family, especially when my child wants to read the Bible... I am so ashamed. (I would like you to know that I after the recorded conversation above, I did drop what I was doing and read it to him...)

Finally, you would not have caught me at Chuck E. Cheese 2 TIMES this week. I did not allow my 2 year old to overindulge in mindless rides and games on two different occasions just because we had extra tokens and a birthday party to attend. I do not still have a ton of extra tokens, and I did not talk to my parents tonight about the possibility of going back again in two weeks when they are in town. I definitely have not acquired a strange tolerance to the cardboard pizza that is served there. Nope, not me!

Ok, blogger friends. It's your turn now. Happy Not Me-ing!! (I did not just make that into a word!!)

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