Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I never realized what lifeline to the outside world my computer is for me. Yesterday, I went to the library with Jayce while Jeremy and Grayson stayed home with Jeremy. When I got home, Jeremy told me about little Stellan's current heart problems. Naturally, I was very concerned and began praying for him constantly throughout my day. I also stayed online all afternoon, checking into MckMama's blog at least every 15 minutes or so to see if there were any updates. Then it happened... Jeremy informed me that his parents needed the computer and the tax program we'd purchased so they could do their taxes. Of course, I thought. No problem...
That's when I realized that I would have no access to my blog world. No access to my email, no ability to check facebook, eonline.com (a regular stop during my internet time), and most importantly, no updates on Stellan. I didn't realize that my computer held such an important place in my heart - and my lifeline to my sanity. It certainly was going to be a long day and a half. Naturally, I called my mom and instructed her to update me via phone calls if MckMama was to update on Stellan's condition.
I think I have a problem. I can't even go a day without being online. It's sad, really.


Please, pray for baby Stellan. He's in big trouble with his heart. God can work miracles. His first 5 months have been proof positive of that. Please pray that God has another miracle in story for this sweet baby. Thanks blog friends. I missed you yesterday.

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Jenney said...

Yikes about Stellan, right? So glad he is out of V-Tach...sounds like something really bad from ER...doesn't it mean he flatlined? Come on help me...you were almost a DR.