Sunday, March 15, 2009

Consider This A Preview...

No, I have not forgotten to post some pictures of our trip out west, but it has taken me much longer than expected to weed through all of the photos we took. Seriously, think at least 500 photos.... Therefore, a few pictures to hold you over.

Playing at the hotel.
Paris. Just, the one in the desert. The sky was pretty much always this color. The entire time we were out there. Beautiful.
Sleeping beauty. We have six pictures of him sleeping like this. Theoretically, I should weed them down to 2 pictures to keep. I couldn't. I suppose I'll have to figure out something to do with six of the same picture.
See what I mean about the blue sky? Now, think mountains... beautiful mountains with this as a background. Awesome. I don't know how someone could look at this and not know there is a creator.


Ravin2 said...

Good work, Miss. Keep them coming. I think that's the best picture of Grayson I've seen yet. You're gifted.

I need an honest answer to this question: About what percentage of your 500 pictures did you take on account of something related to the blog like, "I'll need this to report on the blog" or "This will look awesome on the blog," etc.?

MelArcile said...

If I was honest, I would say that my blog is always in the back of my mind when I start snapping pictures... However, I don't think that I specifically took pictures on this trip FOR the blog, but I took them so that we'd have a great reminder of our trip. Does that answer your question?