Monday, March 16, 2009

Arizona (and Vegas!) Fun

Finally, the long awaited post about our trip out to Arizona this past week. We had such a good time, and we took so many pictures that it took forever to get this post together. Not to mention that I am really not very good about weeding out pictures... Oh well.
This was Grayson's first airplane ride. He missed the take-off because he was sound asleep in his carseat. We were fortunate enough to have the row across the aisle from the 3 seats we purchased completely empty, so we took over those seats too! Which meant that we got to bring Grayson's carseat onto the plane for him to sit in. Or, for him to sit in for the 30 minutes he would sleep in it. Because that's about all he'd do.
Jayce enjoyed the DVD player we borrowed from Nana and Papa. He and Daddy got to watch Cars on dvd while we were on the plane. Note to self, never turn on a movie in hopes that Jayce will fall asleep while watching it... it doesn't happen.
Grayson helped to entertain the flight attendants on our flight. They all got a kick out of his chubby cheeks and sweet demeanor. Ironically enough, half of the flight crew on the return flight were from our first flight. They recognized us Grayson's chubby cheeks immediately when we boarded. I think that Grayson did enjoy his first flights.
I just love this shot of Grayson hanging out in the hotel in Vegas. I'm not sure what it is about this shot, but he's just so happy and cute...
Same with this shot of Jayce. I just love it. Not the pacifier that's hanging out of his mouth (we definitely have a paci problem...), but I just love the look in his eyes.
While we were in Vegas, we stayed at Circus Circus. While I will not be taking my young children back to Vegas again, if you do, may I recommend Circus Circus. They have the Midway that opens everyday at 11am, with free circus acts and carnival atmosphere and games. That's how we wasted money in Las Vegas...
Riding the kiddie rides that were 50 cents apiece...
and playing skeeball. In our defense, we were trying to win Jayce a red car that could pass for Lightning McQueen. However, I don't think it was worth all of the money we spent wasted on it. Seriously, when you walk up to a skeeball machine that says you only need a 230 to win, that seems attainable. Not necessarily... (but we did eventually win him that car!)
Here we are all packed up into our rental vehicle. We had four different cars when we were out there... The first 3 had something wrong with them. Lucky us!
Grayson rocked out in Mommy's sunglasses during part of the ride. We did try putting Jayce's sunglasses on him, but they were too small for him. Such a big head. Side note - that adorable taggie blanket sitting behind Grayson was blocking the sun for him. I rigged it up on the window and his carseat and promptly forgot that 2 times when opening the car door and ripped it. Now I've to find someone who can fix it for me... I'm not exactly good with a needle and thread.
Here we are at the train park in Scottsville, AR. This was a great playground, with signs designating the best age group for their various jungle gyms. There was also an awesome train that went around the park, but more on that later... Jayce would go down the slide and say, "That was fun!"
While we were in Arizona, some good friends from home were visiting family in Phoenix, and we were invited down to hang out for a night. Here's Jayce, my friend, and I playing on the basketball court in the back of our friend's grandparents' house. They had an amazing view!
The train park! In addition to the great playground equipment the train park had to offer, there was also a miniature train that we got to ride. It took us on a 5-10 minute ride around the entire park, and Jayce was just so entertained by the ride. We took a video, but it was quite boring because Jayce kept saying, "Train, train, train" the entire time.
Grayson and I got in on the picture action also. Grayson just sat back and enjoyed the sunshine and the breeze.
Here's the engine. And the boys.
Grayson had many "firsts" while we were in Arizona: first airplane ride, first time on a slide...
first time swinging, first time wearing this ridiculous hat...
First time watching Jayce and Daddy on a carousel ride. I took a picture of Jayce and Jeremy every time they went by us. The first time Jayce was all smiles, then it started to fade, eventually he had no smiles, and he was staring off into space... Hmm, maybe this kid gets a little motion sick.
Grayson also had his first ice cream while we were on vacation. Shame on me. This is the kid that won't eat solids very well, he's "overweight" according to the doctor's office (which, I was under the impression that as long as he was breastfed, he didn't have a weight problem...), and I gave him soft serve ice cream. He decided he liked it pretty fast.
Jayce enjoyed playing with the train table at the gift/ice cream shop at the park. Then again, he always enjoys playing with trains, planes, and automobiles...
On our drive back from Phoenix, we followed this horse trailer on a short boring stretch of the highway. This horse kept sticking his head out of the trailer just like a dog! It was hilarious!
Ahh, pictures of the colorful sunset we experienced on our drive. The colors over the mountains were so beautiful.
We frequented many parks while we were in Arizona. This is the park that Grayson had the explosion that I wrote about in my Not Me! Monday post.
Sunday, we got to spend some time with the entire Schreiber family. Mikey is Jeremy's cousin's son. Jayce and Mikey literally ran circles around Uncle Bill and Aunt Di's house for at least an hour. Jayce slept so well that night... Jayce is sitting on Megan's lap. We stayed with Mike and Megan.
This is Mike. Sunday night, we had a popcorn and movie night. Jayce saw the big bowl of popcorn, and sat right down on Mike's lap and dug in. They were too cute, sitting together, chowing down on popcorn and juice. Side note - We had an amazing time staying with Mike and Megan. They are so hospitable and generous with their time and home. Thanks Mike and Megan!
Our drive back into Vegas brought us across the Hover Dam. Right now, they are in the process of building a highway bypass so that semi-trucks and larger vehicles that are not allowed across the dam (post 9-11) can travel a quicker route and not have to detour so far around. Driving to Kingman, we saw them working on it and were amazed by the sheer size and height of the new roadway. Naturally, on the way back, we took lots of pictures so that we could show all of you! To get an actual idea of how big it is, look at the cars under the overpass.
Add ImageHere's the boys in front of the Hover Dam. That's the white construction in the bottom right corner. If you look at the mountains in the background, you can see the pillars standing up almost as tall as the mountains. Those are the main structure of the bridge that goes over the Colorado River just down stream from the Hoover Dam. See what I mean, HUGE!
Again, to really get an idea of how tall this bridge is, look at the car under it. The crazy part is, when you are driving from Vegas to Arizona, you litterally curve around the mountain and suddenly there is this gigantic structure! It's almost overwhelming and terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. I know for a fact that I will never want to drive over it. Too scary.
This is the machinary that is building the archway that will eventually help support the decking that cars will drive on. If you look closely, you can see a person in orange (look just below the center of the photograph). That will give you a point of reference to just how HUGE this bridge is going to be one day.
We had to stop on our way back into Vegas so that I could feed Grayson, and Jeremy took some really cute pictures of Jayce "driving" the car. This was definitely one of my favorites.
Here's the men of the family waiting for another circus act to start at the Midway at Circus Circus. We stayed there one more night before we flew out to come back to Michigan.
We gave Jayce and Grayson a short tour of Las Vegas. We made it to the M&M store, which the boys thought was pretty cool. Jayce was excited to be able to pick out specific colors of M&M's. I was pretty excited to be able to eat them! We also saw the dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio.
All in all, we had such an amazing vacation. It was nice to be able to get away from our frigid temperatures for a week, but even better to be able to spend some time with family we don't get to see often enough.


Ravin2 said...

Miss, thanks! I'm glad we actually got to see YOU in a couple of pictures too!

LOST tonight, pumped.

Lacey said...

awesome. :)

Jenney said...

WOW, what a nice trip. I love the picture of Jayce wearing his the first one he looks a bit like the little boy from Stepmom (he was in other things too...can't think of them though). I think he will be a movie star.
I can fix your taggie for you the next time we are in MI if I see you. I am pretty sure it will be April 17-19. I am so sorry it got broken. You had bad blanket luck. Don't pitch it though, I know it can be repaired, and it is a limited of two :o)

Lindzerelli said...

I loooooooooooooooved the Bellagio. The fountains were my favorite part of our Vegas trip. Of course it was 90 degree weather while we were there, and the spray from the water kept me from melting :)

Can't wait for your LOST analysis tomorrow!