Thursday, March 26, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

Ok, as last night's episode was winding down, and there was about 7 minutes until 10pm, I looked to my husband and said, "I don't think that Sayid is going to kill little Ben, there isn't enough time left!" I stand corrected.
CRAZY!!! I still can't believe that Sayid shot little Ben. My question is, do you think he is dead? According to Daniel Faraday, you can't change history. And, of course, Ben is very much in the present (2007) storyline. But what if Daniel was wrong? Or what if he intentionally misled Sawyer when he told him that. Here's a thought: what if Ben's current unconscious state is not only because of Sun's swift hit to the side of his head, but because of what's happening in the past? Meaning, what if he's still unconscious not because of the hit, but because in the past he's either dead, or close to death. Naturally, his body wouldn't leave if something happened in the past, but his mind could have problems if something happened to him in the past. Does this all make sense? I'm not sure I'm saying this the right way.
I have never been more entertained by a "torture" scene before in my life. Naveen Andrews was hilarious in that scene! How nervous was Sawyer?? You could almost see his whole Dharma life crashing down around him in his eyes. I supposed he was saved by how crazy Sayid was acting.
Does anyone else feel for Juliet here? I just feel so sorry for her. It would seem like she thinks that either her relationship with Sawyer (LaFleur?? Does she call him that? Or Jim? Or does she still call him Sawyer? Just a rabbit trail for you...) is over or her life with the Dharma Initiative is over. Or both! I really want Sawyer and Juliet to work out. I really like them together. I think they make a great little couple. And personally (please Shelley, don't hate me!), I really like Jack and Kate together.
Ok, so I guess we now know how it was that Sayid got to be on that flight (and that he didn't want to be there!!!), now we just have to find out how Kate, Hurley, and maybe Frank got to be there. Although, I suppose that we probably know how Frank got on the plane. He was the pilot, after all. However, I'm looking forward to the back stories of Kate and Hurley, and for cryin' out loud: where the heck has Desmond been?? I sure hope we find out soon!
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Lindzerelli said...

Since I got called out last week, I wanted to be sure that I posted today... ;)

Hmmm, I heard a theory that the island heals Ben and that he doesn't die. I think your unconscious state/shot theory makes sense.

Doesn't Juliet call Sawyer, James? Sometimes Juliet irritates me a little, but I don't want to see her crushed either.

I find that I do better when I watch the show online the next day when Naomi is napping. otherwise I"m too distracted. I can't say I've got too many incredible insights this week - not that I normally do :)

MELISSA said...

I was over at Jenney's blog and saw on her blog list you had a LOST post so I had to stop over again :).

Nope I definitely don't think little Ben is dead. In fact, I don't think the survivors are changing anything at all, but they are making it happen. Like how they saved that pregnant lady and then Ethan was born - that "shouldn't" have happened, but we know that it did happen the way it was supposed to because Ethan existed in the "future." So they didn't change it, they caused it. This show is crazy. And I love it. :)

Shelleyrae33 said...

I don't want Kate screwing up Juliet and Sawyer, so if she wants to be with Jack...more power to her :)

I had a dream last night that Denny was on more episodes. I think he was riding a mini-scooter in one.

Ravin2 said...


I don't want to share too much of my insight right now, but I had the same feeling about Ben and us not actually seeing him head. Did you hear that crack when Sayid hit Jin? Is Jin okay?

If we use the theory of LOST's lost characters, we should realize that Desmond must come back soon and make sense of things as well as Faraday and Miles. They'll all come back together in a dynamic ending that will clear up why Ben's face was maimed.

Any leads on where the heck Kate left Aaron?