Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

Yes, it's back. Or, I suppose, I'm back. So, what did you think of last night's episode, "Namaste"? My immediate thought: it sure seems like they are setting up the end of this season. Or, that's the feeling that I got from last night's episode. It seemed like they were getting everyone into their appropriate places to gear up for the monumental end of the season. Thoughts? I'm switching things up a little this week... I want to hear your wrap-up of LOST from this week. What did you think was the most significant part(s) of the show? What are the questions you were left with this week? What are you looking most forward to over the next couple of weeks? I'm officially opening up the comments section for your theories and analysis of the show. I'll be sure to respond to everyone who comments. To be quite honest, I really relish the commentary that goes back and forth the most, not just writing about what I think (which largely comes from my reading of others recaps and analysis). As always, I'd encourage you to check out these two recaps:

Watch With Kristin

EW: Jeff Jensen's Recap

Ok, comment, anyone?


Kim M said...

I can never figure out the stuff you can, but as I was watching, I found two great quotes:
Sun (after wacking Ben): "I lied"
Hurley (after Sawyer called him a different name): "I missed that". As always, I was left with more questions and very few answers.

Ravin2 said...

So, who didn't think that Juliet was selling Kate out as she wasn't on the recruitment list?

Also, who didn't call that the sandwich boy was Benjamin Linus? I think we all saw that coming because they were being so sketchy about not showing his face.

My favorite part: When Juliet was caught off guard by the baby's name, Ethan. She's not caught off guard very much - but this time she was. She obviously knew him from the village before Ethan went and got himself killed. But, more interesting to me is that Ethan is going to survive Ben's gassing of the village. Something happens to where Ethan is accepted by the others in the woods and not killed with the other members of the Dharma Tribe.

Shelleyrae33 said...

Good call Ravin!

Okay, I must admit that I am a little upset that Kate had to come back. More than likely she will screw up things between Sawyer and Juliet. I like them as a couple, and I just know that he will want Kate again.

I also caught myself getting mad at Jack, Kate and Hurley a few times. DON'T BE SO OBVIOUS! They definately were acting like they didn't belong.

I am BUMMED that Sun didn't end up in the same "time" that the others did. All she wants to do is see her husband! Instead she runs into dead, creepy Dead Guy (Jack's dad...can't remember his name)! Plus, I'm pissed that the show just had her leave her baby! I understand that she wants to see her husband again, but seriously?!

I liked the part between Jack and Sawywer (Jim). Who's in control now! HA! Eat it Jack! Don't mess with Sawyer! If Jack's so worried about stuff, why did he come back in the fist place?

Okay, I think I'm done raving for the week. Mel, I LOVE reading YOUR take on the show. You and Jer always see WAY more than I do. Keep doing your weekly updates, I love them!

Ravin2 said...

Shelley made me think of something else to say:

I think Jack is going to screw everything up. Everyone else seems to have a mature handle on the craziness. Jack, still trying to grow up inside. Emotionally unstable.

MelArcile said...

Good thoughts, good thoughts. Well done, people.
Mom (Kim M) - I agree. Those were probably my favorite quotes of the episode also. Sun's line = hilarious. Period.
Kev (Ravin) - I ALSO thought about how it came to be that Ethan was a part of the Others/Hostiles when he was obviously born in the Dharma Initiative. Furthermore, he was born the SON of the head of the DI. Crazy. Maybe there will be a future story line in which the Hostiles get mad and kidnap the son of the leader... After all, they have a history of wanting the children. Case in point, the two kids from the back of the plane. And Walt. Granted, according to Juliet, Walt was "special". Also, I had read that young Ben was going to be on the show, so it wasn't a huge surprise, but i can't wait to see where his story line goes. Do we think it is safe to assume that Sayid understands that this kid who is going to befriend him is actually the evil leader of the Others??
Shelley - While I find your disdain for Jack understandable, I just can't bring myself to feel the same way. You see, my love for Jack extends beyond LOST and back to the days of Charlie Salenger. Don't know that name? Go to Netflix and rent Party of Five. I think that is what makes me such a fan of the Jack/Kate relationship. And now a huge fan of the Sawyer/Juliet relationship. Do I think Jack might screw things up? Of course. But he seems to have a little bit of a different attitude now that he's back on the island. For instance, I feel like Jack almost looked a little relieved to have Sawyer take charge with the Sayid situation. Jeremy doesn't think it will last. He also thinks that Sawyer will screw up something along the line and in will swoop Super-Jack, fixer of all situations - or at least, that's who he wants/needs to be.
Lindsey and Erin - I'm disappointed in you... where are your comments??? :)
** Spoiler Side note** Don't read this part unless you want to be NOT SURPRISED!! I read online this week that there is going to be a major death at the end of the season... any guesses as to who it is??

Let's keep the commentary going people!

Lindzerelli said...

Wednesday night wasn't a good night for me. My baby was cryin' and my baby's daddy was MIA. Ok, he was counseling a kid at church, so he had a good excuse. :)
With that being said, I'm soooo not as insightful as you are.

I was a little sad that Sawyer didn't call Kate, Freckles. I knew that the kid was going to be Ben and I wonder how Sayid feels now that the tables are turned and Sawyer is the one who has all the power to hurt him.

That's all I've got! I love and look forward to hearing what you've got to say. I can't wait for next week!