Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I Learned Today.

Today, I learned that it is great fun to splash in mud puddles, but it is not fun to splash in puddles of spaghetti. I also like to take pictures of baby toes.

Today we decided to enjoy our almost 60 degree day and spend some time outside. In the puddles.

While Jayce splashed, Grayson did this.
While Jayce tried to "Scoop, dump it" with the puddle...
Grayson hung out enjoying the fresh air.
There was a lot of splashing.
And a lot of playing in the puddle...
Grayson's blue eyes were crystal clear out in the mid-day sun. I suppose the blue outfit only helped bring out the color.
We took a walk down the hill and checked out the river. It's getting pretty high.
Man, my kids are cute!
Behind Jayce you can see that the water is filling some people's back yards.
This is the river... pretty cool looking (literally, Ha!)
When walking around down the hill by the river, there were still several puddles that had ice at the bottom of them. I warned Jayce to not walk in those puddles... I didn't want him to slip and fall! Guess what he did... he's got a good bruise on his knee and the wet clothes to prove it!
Do you remember what I said at the top of the post about puddles of spaghetti? Ok, long story. This is a pot specifically designed to cook pasta or what ever foods may need to be drained after cooking. Great concept. Not great in use. For some reason, I have a 50/50 chance of ruining our dinner by using this pot. Tonight, it did not turn out in my favor. While I was draining the spaghetti, the lid came off and our dinner ended up in the sink. I might have considered trying to salvage it, but my sink was having some troubles draining, so there was dirty dish water sitting in it... Naturally, I was ticked! So, I ran the disposal, and started cooking more pasta.
Jeremy comes into the kitchen and he can hear running water in the basement... never a good thing. We rush down stairs and what do we find?? Puddles of spaghetti covering the laundry room floor... and my brand new washing machine!!! Apparently, you can't use a garbage disposal to get rid of a whole pound of pasta (or however much I cooked up). One of our outtake pipes has a secondary pipe going off of it that doesn't actually go anywhere besides hover over top of our washing machine, and when the outtake pipe got clogged by my dinner, it backed up and spilled over. See, splashing in puddles of spaghetti - not a good thing.
However, if the overall result of the day is this smile...
And a baby that took a 4 hour nap this afternoon because he enjoyed the fresh air so much, I can tolerate the puddles of spaghetti.
And now, the baby feet:

I love those adorable feet.


Jenney said...

That one picture of Jayce's feet jumping in the puddle is PERFECT! Oh my I might have cried if I had spaghetti all in my basement...
Hope today goes better!
Remind me again why I can't see you this weekend after not seeing you guys since October?

Kim M said...

What a great idea to give your kids permission to play in mud puddles! Exploration can be so much fun and you can learn so much. Hope you don't have too much trouble teaching him when it is appropriate and when it is not. he-he
You are doing great with your camera and I also love baby feet!!!

Lacey said...

First of all: You are an AWESOME mom for letting Jayce play in the mud. Honestly I do not think I could handle that... really.
Second of all: oh my gosh. Spaghetti in the basement??? That made me laugh so hard... but I also feel bad for you that that happened!! I dont think I could handle that well either....! :) Youre good. :) Did you have a salad with that spaghetti??? ;)

Sara said...

I love your new camera. I love even more that you were not a bit anxious about letting your child play in the mud! (or maybe letting him in the house afterward) You are a better woman than I am :)

Your pictures are looking great! I wish I had that camera!