Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sorry for the lack of communication this weekend. The boys and I were invited along on a special weekend trip to visit to my brother and his wife. It was a huge surprise that we were coming, so I had to keep it on the down low... sorry for the lingo. I'll try to stop. Regardless, we have had a very busy couple of days, driving far, playing hard, going out a lot, playing games, and just plain ol' having a grand time! I will be trying to get a few of the hundreds of pictures that I've taken this weekend up on here early next week... Hope you all had a great valentine's day. I know I did, but I missed my valentine greatly. (Jeremy didn't make the trip because he had to work...) We are looking forward to being home again, but not to the 12 hour plus trip that's a head of us... Can't wait to tell you all about this weekend!


Erin Morgan said...

How fun!! Where does your brother live? Do they live in VA?

Ravin2 said...

@Erin, Yes! We live in Lynchburg, VA where the cold rain days are considered enough to cancel classes.

@Miss, what a great surprise. It was hard to focus on work Monday because of you all coming this weekend. Rachel and I both mentioned that we had forgotten about working the whole weekend and Monday snuck up on us because we weren't expecting it. Love ya!