Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Results Are In...

A special shout out to The Assistant Ringmaster for her most excellent guess of 30 lbs. 30 in. {{smile}} That's for you, friend!
Grayson had his 6 month appointment today. His stats were:
height: 28 3/4 inches (above 95%)
weight: 30 lbs (approx - he was wiggling around too much on the scale to get something extremely accurate) (off the charts)
head circumference: 19 in. (off the charts)

Overall, a good check up. No shots, though. Poor baby has a nasty cold and I didn't want to abuse him more. We are going to wait for him to feel better. They didn't have any problems with me not feeding him solids yet. The doctor did suggest that I start soon, just so he doesn't have a total aversion to solids. Apparently his gag reflex shouldn't be stopping me from giving him vitamins, though. I did get a short lecture (and a prescription for special vitamins) about making sure he has them every day.
However, the doctor we saw today has some concerns about Grayson's weight and head circumference. Specifically, that they aren't following the curve that's in their charts, but still going up drastically. (I believe that his head grew 2 in or something around the past 2 months) Now, we are going to try to figure out why. Grayson is getting a head ultrasound this afternoon and getting blood work done just to make sure everything is normal (the doctor thinks he probably is, but just wants to be on the safe side). Please pray that everything comes out normal. I'm a little nervous after "webMD-ing" all the big words she threw around... Thanks friends.


Assistant Ring Master said...

Lots of prayers on your behalf that the tests come back fine! Glad he is otherwise a-ok!

Erin Morgan said...

web md is so evil!! Don't consult it! I find myself doing it all the time and worry myself to death. We'll be praying for you this afternoon and with the tests. I look forward to hearing a positive outcome :)

nancy said...

Keep us posted on Grayson. He is fearfully and wonderfully made!

Jenney said...

I was SO close on weight! Don't you love worrying about your kids? I hate it. Jack's appointment is tomorrow. I am so nervous I can't sleep.
Web MD may SEEM evil...but it convinced me to send Matt to the doctor and I am SO glad I did!

Jenney said...

I did a post for us.

Susie said...

Thank You Melissa for allowing me to respond and interact with you this way! I do enjoy checking your blog from time to time just to see the pictures and hear what is new with you. We do miss you guys and wish we lived closer. We haven't even seen Grayson yet. We will definitely continue to keep him in our prayers. Thank you for thinking of your not so techno Aunt! Love to you all! Susie