Thursday, February 5, 2009

Playing the Waiting Game

Today was to be the day... the day I got my very first, brand-spankin' new washing machine. I couldn't wait to load the first bit of dirty laundry into my beautiful new appliance. When we bought our new washing machine at Lowe's on Monday, we were told it would be delivered to us on Wednesday morning. We'd receive a phone call in the morning to confirm and give us a window of time to expect the nice gentleman who would be carrying our heavy little present to ourselves down our basement stairs. So we waited. We cleaned up the basement so we had good access to where he needed to be. And we waited. We moved things around in the kitchen so our new washing machine could get in the house. And we waited. Jeremy fixed the pipes under the sink that decided that very moment to leak horribly. And we waited. We finally got a phone call at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.
"Hello, Ms. Meyers?"
"This is Noel from Lowe's. I see we were supposed to deliver your new washing machine this morning?"
Um, yeah.
"I'm sorry, we had (insert random excuse here) going on, but we will be there this afternoon."
I calmly explain that my husband works nights and he needs to sleep, get ready for work, etc. Can they make sure they are here absolutely, positively no later than 6pm?
"No problem, Ma'am. Is this washing machine going in your basement?"
Uh, yes.
"Oh. I have bad knees... I'm not sure that I can do that..."
"Well, we'll make it work. We'll see you by 6pm, Ms. Meyers."
So, 4 o'clock rolls around. Then 5. I make dinner and get Jeremy up. 6pm. Still no delivery guy. 6:10. Jeremy is going to have to leave soon. 6:20. Seriously, where is this guy? I don't really want to be here alone when he comes... 6:30. Ok, I bid Jeremy farewell, and Grayson is ready to eat. Of course, I've been putting him off for the past hour because I was sure that some random guy was going to show up at my door... 6:40. I'm getting antsy. I don't like the idea of me and the kids being here alone when some guy tries to bring heavy machinery into my house. I think it's because it'll be dark out. Jeremy tells me where his 22 is in the closet. Out of my reach. 6:50. I call Lowe's.
"Hi, my name is Melissa. I was supposed to have a washing machine delivered this morning. It's now almost 7 pm, and it's not here. I have to admit, I'm upset my this. So, here's what you are going to do for me: You are going to cancel my delivery for tonight. My husband is not able to be here, and he'd like to be when it's delivered. You are going to be at my door at 8 am tomorrow with my new washing machine. And if you aren't, you are going to be reimbursing me the cost of delivery. And if it's still not here by tomorrow afternoon, you are going to start discounting my new washing machine, along with the free delivery. Got it?" Ok, so I didn't say "got it?" But the rest is just about word for word.
I got a call from the store manager an hour later. My washing machine will be here first delivery of the day tomorrow. I can't wait to do some laundry!


Erin Morgan said...

This is what we call "pulling a Chris Stepleton". My dad is a pro at this! Too bad he didn't teach me how to do it very well. I'm too understanding! And have been on the other end of that call too many times! :) Good for you for standing up for your family!!

Kim said...

Good for you Melissa! And what is this about a delivery guy with bad knees - I say if that is your job, you have to deal with it! I absolutely HATE dealing with deliveries or workmen coming to the house. It is the most uncomfortable thing for a woman. I am proud to say I am your mother - Dave Ramsey would be proud too!
Let me know how things go.

Shelleyrae33 said...

Wow...way to go! I'm proud of you! That is the point that I'm too mad to talk to people and make Thom do it.

Lacey said...

I bet that gave you a rush! :) That is awesome. Im going to tell someone that too next time I need to.... :)

Jenney said...

Oh, I'd bs not so happy. Not so happy at all! Hope it came today.