Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Weekend Trip

** First a warning, this is an extremely long post!! **

This past weekend, the boys and I packed ourselves into my parent's vehicle and journeyed down to visit Uncle Kevin and Auntie Rachel. We had an amazing time visiting with everyone in Virginia, and we'd like to share some of our favorite pictures with you!

Here's Grayson, wide awake at the hotel we stopped at half of the way down to Virginia. It was an extremely long night, with Grayson not wanting to sleep because of all of the shut eye he got in the car.
Jayce, on the other hand, didn't open an eye while being transferred into the hotel room.
This is Grayson's "Elvis" look.
We made many, many stops along the way for the boys. Every time we stopped for gas, it was an opportunity to get out of the car and check out our surroundings. Jayce found a rock to climb on at this stop!
There were some really neat signs to pose with too.
Let's not forget Grayson and Nana.
Uncle Kevin was beyond surprised to see us show up at his house.
(Please excuse the coloring of this photo... inexperienced hands took this photo) We had a blast playing a new game this weekend - Dicecapades! Look it up, it's hilarious! One of the things we had to do in this game: arm wrestle! I won!!
Saturday morning, my parents went with Kevin and Rachel to CampusServe. Jayce, Grayson and I got some downtime to just hang out. Jayce spent his time doing puzzles with no shirt on. :)
Rachel's sister, Shara, and her nephew, Kaleb, came by for a visit. Kaleb decided that he loved Jayce. He kept crawling after Jayce and trying to "get" him. Jayce was excited for the attention, but a little nervous about it too.
I just thought this was such a great picture of Kaleb.
Saturday afternoon, we all went to downtown Lynchburg to see a flea market. Jayce was more than happy to help with pushing Grayson's stroller.
The flea market had a stand that was selling homemade bread, dog treats, and wine. I just love this picture! I wouldn't have minded getting a chance to try the apple wine too, but no samples.
These are some stairs outside of the flea market area. Jayce had so much fun chasing Rachel around them. She's such a great aunt!
Checking out what's for sale in this store window... yes, that's a live cat. Jayce tried to "kiss" it through the window... too gross to share the picture I took of that!
Here's one of the only pictures you'll see of me from the trip... I was the one with the camera the whole time. Surprised, aren't you?
Saturday night, Kaleb and Shara stopped by again. Grayson was actually awake the second time she stopped by, so the babies got to check each other out. Kaleb is a big boy, but Grayson almost had him beat. Kaleb is three months older than him.
Kevin and my dad made everyone a Valentine's dinner Saturday night. It was so good! And beautiful.
Kevin and Jayce played "all fall down" for about an hour. Look at the cape "flying" in the background. They had so much fun!
Sunday afternoon we got a chance to play cards. Playing cards is practically a family pastime. Funny, now that there are children in the picture, it takes a lot longer to finish a game. It took us all day long to finish this one.
Jayce took a turn trying to do a push-up on Uncle Kevin's "perfect push-up" helper.
Mostly what we did all weekend was just hang out. Jayce did a lot of puzzles, with the help of anyone who was close by, and Grayson just played with whomever was willing to hold him.
Auntie Rachel rolled Jayce up in her yoga mat - they made a "Jayce Taco"!
Auntie Rachel helped Jayce calm down after our last night in Lynchburg. He does love to sit a read books!
Getting ready to go Monday morning... We had such a great time with you, Uncle Kevin and Auntie Rachel!
Here's the boys, all packed into their seats on the car ride home. They did such a great job traveling...
They slept, ate, watched movies, played with toys, did puzzles, played games, etc. the entire 15 hour trip home. Again, I have the most amazing two boys in the world! I can't believe how well they did at traveling this past weekend.
Thanks for checking out some pictures of our trip!


Kim M said...

Great synopsis of the trip and the boys were WONDERFUL travelers! So you mentioned that you won at the arm wrestling, but failed to mention who won the "Dicecapades" game (sure wasn't me - I could hardly get out of the start position!). This could be an appropriate time that I did win the day long Rook game (even though 4 other people tried to prevent it - okay, Rachel didn't try as hard as those with Mahan blood!). It was a great weekend! Can't wait for camping in June!

Shelleyrae33 said...

Looks like you guys has a wonderful time! Great pics (like always)!

Lacey said...

Looks like so much fun.... :)

Ravin said...

I absolutely love the pictures! The weekend was so fun. I think Kev and I completely forgot about work until Monday morning...much needed. We love you guys! We have the best nephews ever!

P.S. My sister's name is spelled "Shara." AND you're a great photographer of candid shots!

Ravin2 said...

Isn't that how it's supposed to go... Rachel and I looked at each other on Sunday when someone asked, "What time do you work tomorrow?" I hadn't thought about it since Friday night. Last week was really busy, but this past weekend was much invited!

@Mom, Rachel is as competitive as they come. Last night we were in the living room of our friends' house and all I kept hearing was Rachel bartering and arguing with the other ladies in the kitchen about them trying to take her goods and stealing from her. She's competitive.