Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Hidden Talents

As my life as a stay-at-home mom progresses, I've been discovering some hidden "talents" that I was not aware that I possessed. For instance, I am really good a drawing on a MagnaDoodle! You all know about Jayce's obsession with Mickey Mouse right now. He's been requesting that I draw Mickey. I developed a Mickey that looks a little like a bear, but I'm pretty sure that any Joe Schmo might actually recognize that this is Mickey Mouse.
But my true work of art came to me just last night... Goofy. I hate to say it, but I am really impressed with myself (I know, so conceited!). I've always wanted to be able to draw, but never really thought that I could. Maybe my medium of choice should be the MagnaDoodle.


I also have a talent that involves creating a bed just about anywhere. Grayson currently has three beds in our house. A crib in Jayce's room that he naps in when Jayce is not sleeping, a small pack n' play in the playroom, and a pack n' play in our closet. With all of those beds, you'd think that he'd always have some place to sleep in our house... not necessarily so! Today I created a make-shift "bed" on our living room floor because none of those other options were available.
He really enjoyed it and fell asleep right away...
So, if anyone out there needs a MagnaDoodle drawing of Goofy or a bed created on their living room floor, you call me!


Kim said...

You must get your talent from your dad!

Jenney said...

I love your Goofy! I could never ever draw like that. Great job...I think it is conceited, not conceded though :o) I'm just saying...
I got to talk to Crystal for a minute this afternoon. She was playing Wii with my parents at your parents house. I miss all you guys!