Friday, February 27, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

Back by popular demand... Sorry it wasn't up yesterday. Turns out, yesterday ended up being a very long and complicated day, and there just was no time to sit down and type out my thoughts about LOST. However, now that I've had a couple of days to let everything settle...

I CAN'T BELIEVE BEN KILLED LOCKE!!!! Or, can I? After all, Ben is proving to be quite the little lyin', schemin', manipulatin' "bad guy" of the show... Or is he? I suppose, the biggest thing that I pulled away from LOST this week is that we still don't know who we can trust!! But first, let's start from the beginning...

I was pretty excited to see the writers begin to introduce the new characters of the show, Ceasar and Ilana. I have a feeling that they are going to be pretty important in the upcoming shows (didn't the writers learn their lesson by trying to introduce Nikki and Paulo??), but how? Did you notice Ceasar pocket that sawed off shotgun? And when these characters were talking about the carved out canoes? These would be the same two canoes that the "left behinders" found on the beach and took out into the water... when they were shot at!! Any guesses as to who shot at them?? :) Ahh, this show makes some of their connections so gratifying.

Although I was expecting it, I didn't really enjoy the shows' resurrection of John Locke this week. First of all, the way they first showed him to us was ridiculous. However, I don't enjoy Star Wars and that seemed very "Star Wars - ish" to me. That's just my preference. My aren't the new crash survivors a little antsy about Locke being found on the island with them. Any guesses as to where they crashed, by the way? Do you remember back in season 3 when Jack, Sawyer, and Kate were being held by The Others? On an island that was adjacent to the main island? I'm thinking that's where the pilot crash landed. Also, do you recall how Kate and Sawyer were made to move rocks and pretty much slave laborers while in captivity? Do you remember that someone told Kate they were making a runway?? What are the chances that the Ajira Airlines 747 just landed on that very runway... just a thought.

Locke certainly was a man on a mission this week. A failed mission, but a mission none the less. His visit with Walt was interesting. Walt told Locke that he was standing in a group of people while wearing a suit and those people wanted to hurt him... sound familiar? Flash back to when he is with the new crash survivors on the island. Better watch out, Locke! And why didn't Walt need to be on the plane? Sayid seems to have taken on a whole new persona. He's working for an organization similar to Habitat for Humanity. Quite the change from the gun-wielding executioner he was just a few episodes ago. I wonder how he got to be in those hand cuffs on the plane... did his past indiscretions finally catch up with him? Or did Ben orchestrate that? I hope time will tell. Hurley's exchange with Locke was probably the funniest exchange this week. "Hey, is there a man in a wheelchair sitting here talking to me?" Hilarious. Kate seems to be a tad jaded by her loss of Jack. I almost felt sorry for Locke during their talk. Props to Terry O'Quinn for his acting in that scene. When he was confessing to Kate that he had been in love before and that it was his obsessive behavior that had ruined it, I wanted to reach into my TV set and give him a big ol' hug. Have I mentioned that I love this show!! The only part of Locke's meeting with Jack that has stuck with me was that Locke told Jack that his father said hello. Creepy.

Ok, what did we glean from this episode? I suppose that the answer actually a lot of questions? Who are these new people and how are they going to play into the overall story of LOST? Since I'm guessing that they are in the future (from when Sawyer and others were bouncing around in time), and the original Losties are in the past (think Dharma Initiative past), how are these two story lines going to affect one another? Who was the woman that Frank (the pilot) took off in the canoe with? (My guess is Sun, but I'll only go into detail on why I think that if someone asks...) Why did Ben kill Locke? What is Locke going to do about it? Who can you really trust? Ben or Widmore? Argh!!! If you have any answers, please, enlighten me in the comments section!!

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Lindzerelli said...

i want to know your lapidis/sun theory and I want to know who Nikki and Paulo are. You have a wonderful memory!

Erin Morgan said...

I totally knew that Ben was lying when he said that he didn't know how Locke died... and Ben was ALWAYS the one who had said he'd have to die to get back to the island (is that because there needed to be a coffin??)

Obviously, i trust Widmore more than I trust Ben. Also, did you see last week's episode with the comments at the bottom. Ben said he had one last thing to do and needed Jack to pick up Locke's body. He was at the marina. Did he run into Desmond?? The comments reminded us that Ben promised to kill Penny. Who attacked Ben? Was it Desmond? Or was it Penny? Things that make you go... HUM!!!

Its an interesting theory that you have about the landing strip. And I'm curious to know your Frank/Sun theory... But I might know where your headed.

Ok, I think that's all I got for you tonight... That's for the recap! I always enjoy it!

Jenney said...

These posts crack me up. I have NO idea what you are talking about. How about an ER blog post? I would have half a brain about that. Thanks for the call the other day, I really appreciate it.
When on EARTH are we going to get our boys together? Our youngest two need a growth conference and our oldest two never seem to find and end of things to do together...we are SO going to have to keep an eye on them as they get bigger :o)
I was looking through pics and found the one where Jayce and Snug were 'mopping' after Kevin and Rachel's reception. Priceless.

MelArcile said...

First of all, I'm so glad you ladies like reading these posts. I enjoy writing them, but I never really knew if it was just for me, or for other people too. So, thanks. Ok, my Sun Theory. I have two reasons for thinking that it was Sun who ran off (paddled off?) in the canoe with the pilot. 1. They wouldn't have mentioned it if it wasn't important, and we know of two women who were on the plane that we already knew. Kate is with Jack and Hurley, so that leaves Sun. 2. Also, if you followed the link for "Watch with Kristin" at the end of her post, she mentioned that Jin and Sun do have a reunion, but it won't be until the end of the season. Which makes me think that Sun is in present-time and Jin is in past-time, so they have to figure out how to get to one another.

Lindsey - Nikki and Paulo are the two characters that were randomly introduced in season 3. At first, it was just two people who started being in the background and making comments. I think it was a really weak way to introduce new characters to the show, and apparently millions of people agreed, because the producers have talked about how everyone HATED Nikki and Paulo. Do you remember the episode called "Expose" (I can't get my keyboard to do that thing that's supposed to be over the e at the end)? It was all about this couple - she was a TV star and she and Paulo killed her producer/boyfriend for some diamonds. In the end, they were both bitten by some spiders that make you paralyzed and appear dead. They were buried alive by Sawyer (unintentionally - they thought Nikki and Paulo were dead) and co.

Erin - I'm guessing that Ben did go after Penny. However, I'm not convinced that he got to her. If I could guess (and this is totally a guess - and what I would have wanted to happen!), Ben did go after Penny, saw the baby, and hesitated, and Penny kicked some major butt. Or Desmond walked in on him. But, I don't think Desmond would have let him live. But, this story line (if that's why he's standing on a pier while bloody) would give a good reason for Desmond to go back to the island - to kill Ben for going after or hurting his family. I'm leaning your way about the Widmore/Ben debate - who's telling the truth. Maybe they both are, or are at least telling the truth according to their viewpoint. I don't know... I think that's going to be the great reveal at the very end of the series. I'm already looking forward to next week!! Oh yeah, I might not be posting next week - we are going to be out of town. It'll depend on if we get to see LOST and if I have internet access. :)

Ravin2 said...

Check it out. I mapped all of the places that Locke visited. I think he really had a pattern, or at least the writers did, in order to mention each place.

I was very intrigued about why he went to see Walt. Walt has always seemed like he had a hidden talent of recognizing other worldly kind of things.

Here is the map of all the visitations marked:,-119.53125&spn=53.864833,158.203125&t=h&z=3&msid=100584778572006394319.00046424e46d8d5d6301d

Great insights! Keep them coming.