Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

No, seriously, are you lost yet?? I must admit, this season is getting a tad confusing, but it sure is rewarding! First, let's have a moment of silence for our dearly departed Charlotte. {sigh} I was extremely saddened last night to see Charlotte's death. However, we managed to learn a lot about her past in those final moments: She grew up on the island as a part of the Dharma Initiative and moved away with her mother when she was a young girl. She became an anthropologist and searched all her life for the island because she was told that her life there had all been a dream. While living on the island, she encountered a man who totally creeped her out by telling her to "never come back to this place" and that man was Daniel! Crazy!!
Did anyone else cringe when the French man's arm was ripped off in the tug of war between Jin and Danielle's team and Smokey the monster? How about the fact that it was Jin who kept Danielle from going in after the rest of her team. I wonder if part of what drove Danielle crazy was what had happened to her team, along with the fact that she witnessed Jin disappearing and appearing several times. Do you think that Danielle recognized Jin when she first "met" him after the plane crash? Or do you think that since the time traveling hadn't started yet, it hadn't happened until just recently. For instance, when Daniel talked to Desmond just outside the hatch this season, it created a "memory" for him in the present. Does that mean that what is happening to the left-behinders is just altering the memories for those they encounter or are they really changing the past.... something to think about.
It's a shame that after all of Jin's trying to keep Sun away from the island, it's his wedding ring (meant to tell her that he had died) is what is going to bring her back. Did anyone else think when Locke was going down in the well (thanks Charlotte for the help!) that they were going to flash? And how about the funny flash just before that? When they get to the temple and Juliet says something about them being there when the Orchid was there and what a relief it was... then they flash and it's gone! Hilarious.
Next week looks to be a great episode. By the way, it's titled "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" - if we can infer from the title, it looks like we might be seeing what happens to Locke after he leaves the island. This should be good! As always, I welcome your comments.

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Erin Morgan said...

I loved this episode simply because of all the information we were given. I don't think I'm lost at all. I think I understand what is going on and how it's working. I found it very interesting to see how quickly the flashes were coming at the very end.

When Charlotte met daniel in the past... did he go back in time or travel forward in to time because he was aware of the island and its properties (because of his mom)? She said that she met a "man" so is that because he was older or just older than her at the time (if she was an adolescent)?

I did cringe when the guy lost his arm. And can't imagine why the team wanted to go in after him!!! Has it been determined that the smoke monster is a "manifestation" of the island? Or did I just read that theory somewhere?

I would be curious to know if Danielle recognized Jim later in time. But I think your second assumption is right that in this case it would happen the same way as the encounter between daniel and desmond... Well, so wait, that takes me back to daniel and charlotte. She didn't remember a "memory" or did she... did it really happen or did daniel go back in time and it was now a memory that he visited her???

I did think that Jin's ring and all the twisting that went along with it was sad. But that's what Ben does, right? Jin told Locke not to bring her back. I was telling Ken that technically Locke didn't break his promise. He isn't bringing sun back, Ben is.

About the "funny flash"... I didn't think it was hilarious, but did think that it deserved a chuckle... but I was curious to know how Locke knew EXACTLY where the well was in relation to the orchid. Kind of weird. He didn't even look for it, he just walked right over to it.

And I'm still trying to understand what Christian has to do with all this. Is this his Ghost we're seeing or is he in on the whole island thing.