Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

So, tell me, are you?? Welcome back to what I think will be my weekly discussion of LOST. I haven't decided yet if I am pathetic for blogging about a TV show, or if this is just a better forum for the conversations I have during the week. Regardless, here we go!

I can't decide which line was my favorite of the night:
Kate to Jack, "I have ALWAYS been with you." That was a great moment for me, seeing as I've always been a Kate/Jack fan. It's really nice to see him cleaned up too. My other favorite line of the night came to us from Sawyer: "Thank you God!.... I take that back!!" Rolling on the floor hilarious.

Alright, what did you think of last night's episode? What a great moment when Sawyer saw Kate in the jungle. When we first saw the light shoot up in the air, I knew that there were going to be a few moments when those who were left behind would be seeing people they knew on the island... Ok, I guess the promos this week did have the line from Sawyer, "I saw Kate in the jungle" in them. Still, what a good connection to where they were on the island.

After the flash, do you have any ideas about when they were? My guess, they were flashed forward (their camp on the beach was there, but pillaged) to some time in the future. Did you see what the water bottle said on it? It said Ajira Airways. Check out their website: Did you see their special "deal" -



Don’t know where to go? Let us whisk you to a mystery locale - you won’t know where you’re going until you exit the plane into your adventure.

Sounds interesting. I think this had something to do with the online game they had just before LOST came back this January. Just a thought (and I totally read this online, I'm not that cool!!), what if that's how the Oceanic 6 get back to the island... Any ideas as too who could have been shooting at them in the canoe? I think that we'll get that info later on in the season. I'm guessing that flash might be a lot more important than they made it out to be tonight.

Let's talk about nosebleeds. Personally, I had one yesterday. So did Grayson. I wonder if we should be concerned.... How about the fact that Daniel thinks there is a relationship between time spent on the island and how the time traveling sickness is affecting our characters. If that is the case, Charlotte's been on the island before (something we've suspected), and she's been on the island the longest. Next would be Miles... that would be more evidence to the idea that he's Marvin Candle's son (you know, the guy on the Dharma training videos). Then Juliet was affected next. Makes sense. She's an other. It would seems that these people need to find their constants pretty soon... otherwise, they might start dying just like the crazy guy from the boat.

Ok, Ben is the one trying to take baby Aaron from Kate, not Claire's mom. What a crazy game of cat and mouse the lawyers were playing. Do you think they knew Kate would follow them? What do you make of Ben's intentions? Is he just trying to scare Kate into going with them? Or is he really trying to take Aaron? How about the fact that Sun is hunting Ben? With Aaron in the car?!?! It would seem that next week is going to be interesting with most of the Oceanic 6 converging on the pier. There seems to be a huge power struggle between those who would like to be the leaders of the Oceanic 6: Jack, who used to be the leader, no questions asked; Sayid, who isn't exactly trusting of Ben these days, especially after doing his bidding for so long; Sun, who seems determined to take out Ben (did you see the promos?); and Ben, when has he not wanted to be in control.

The last thing we have to discuss is the final flash. The left behinders were catapulted into a time with a huge storm raging on the island. When they finally reached the shore, they found remnants of a ship wreck... Did anyone see where this was going?? I did!! I only wish there had been someone here to prove it. I did immediately think Danielle's ship. Then they focused in on the French people in the raft... and who did they find??? Jin!! He's ok! He's alive! Say a little cheer with me! Hip, hip horay! I wonder how long it will be until our other left behinders find this group from the French ship and find Jin? How about Jin's face when the little pregnant French lady introduces herself as Danielle? Did anyone else see that coming??

Ok, the comments section is open. Go crazy!!


Lindzerelli said...

Oh Melissa, you always have such great insight! I missed the first 13 minutes, my poor post pardom brain was on overload and I completely forgot it was on! I dont think you're stupid to blog about the show. I look forward to what you have to say!!

I did think of Danielle when they asked if anyone could read french and I'm so excited that Jin is alive. I've been thinking they'd bring him back because DDK's name has still been in the credits. When other characters die for good they remove their name from the credits the following season.

Your bloody nose could be b/c the air is so dry. Try using a humidifier or if you don't have one put bowls of water on your heating vents.

Erin Morgan said...

Oh, I had too open two windows so I could refresh myself on what you'd written so I could comment :)

I find it interesting that Charlotte can't remember that she was on the island. I'd never thought that Miles was that guy's son, but it makes sense that he'd come back!! But where does his "power/ability" come from? And Daniel was on the island before too, is he seems to be a "non-ager" like Richard... remember 2 weeks ago?? Or is it because he has a constant, that he's not dealing with the "jet lag".

I think that Ben was trying to take Aaron because he knew that Kate would (even though she trust's jack) never bring Aaron along. Especially because she saw claire and she said to "not come back". -- although Ben doesn't know that part. But I think it was Ben's way of ensuring that Aaron went back to the island, either if she didn't bring him and Ben "took" him, or if Kate brought him to "protect" him.

Ok, so the final flash. I, obviously, think that the flash is a backward flash, seeing that we met Danielle. But so here's the question... Has Jin been moving through time too even though hes been in the water?? He met Danielle when she was pregnant with Alex?? So she'd met Ben already? Was the French crew looking for the island, or did their plane really crash and this was the first time she'd been to the island? If so, the Alex really isn't Ben's biological daughter.

I don't know what to make of Sun wanting to kill Ben. I just don't know where that Rage comes from. Perhaps she's just not that great of an actor and I just haven't picked up on it... :) I thought she was more upset at her father!

Those are my thoughts! Have fun!! Can't wait to hear a rebuttle.

MelArcile said...

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MelArcile said...

Lindsey - I filled my humidifier this morning. Thanks! :) I also noticed that DDK's name was still in the credits and had read online that he'd be back, but it sure was good to finally see him! I'm curious about how Ben is going to "prove" to Sun that he's still alive. I guess we'll find out next week.
Erin - I'm not convinced that Daniel's been on the island before. I think that, with his ability to time travel and to understand the time travel, he may have visited when the Dharma crew was digging out around the "negative energy source" or whatever they called it. I'm also not convinced that Charlotte doesn't know that she's been to the island before. Remember when Miles said something to her about her trying to get back there? And she found that polar bear in the desert. As far as Daniel NOT getting the time traveling sickness, I think it's because Desmond is his constant. He already talked to him since time traveling. OK, Danielle. She and her team of scientists shipwrecked there back in 1988 (according to sites I've read). She was pregnant when she arrived. No, Alex wasn't Ben's biological daughter. He stole her when Danielle started going crazy. Remember, she killed all of her team because they were getting "sick"? Yes, I do think that Jin has been time traveling also. And Sun told her father in the last episode of last season that she blamed two people for Jin's "death" - her father (therefore she took away his company, what meant most to him), and she told Widmore that she was going to kill Ben, so I'm thinking she blames him too. Now, Jeremy thinks she said that she blames Jack, but I don't remember that, and I'll be looking back at my tapes today to prove it to him... no, I'm not obsessed!
ps. This is fun!!

nancy said...

It's fun to read your thoughts on LOST.

I am glad Jin is alive.