Friday, February 27, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

Back by popular demand... Sorry it wasn't up yesterday. Turns out, yesterday ended up being a very long and complicated day, and there just was no time to sit down and type out my thoughts about LOST. However, now that I've had a couple of days to let everything settle...

I CAN'T BELIEVE BEN KILLED LOCKE!!!! Or, can I? After all, Ben is proving to be quite the little lyin', schemin', manipulatin' "bad guy" of the show... Or is he? I suppose, the biggest thing that I pulled away from LOST this week is that we still don't know who we can trust!! But first, let's start from the beginning...

I was pretty excited to see the writers begin to introduce the new characters of the show, Ceasar and Ilana. I have a feeling that they are going to be pretty important in the upcoming shows (didn't the writers learn their lesson by trying to introduce Nikki and Paulo??), but how? Did you notice Ceasar pocket that sawed off shotgun? And when these characters were talking about the carved out canoes? These would be the same two canoes that the "left behinders" found on the beach and took out into the water... when they were shot at!! Any guesses as to who shot at them?? :) Ahh, this show makes some of their connections so gratifying.

Although I was expecting it, I didn't really enjoy the shows' resurrection of John Locke this week. First of all, the way they first showed him to us was ridiculous. However, I don't enjoy Star Wars and that seemed very "Star Wars - ish" to me. That's just my preference. My aren't the new crash survivors a little antsy about Locke being found on the island with them. Any guesses as to where they crashed, by the way? Do you remember back in season 3 when Jack, Sawyer, and Kate were being held by The Others? On an island that was adjacent to the main island? I'm thinking that's where the pilot crash landed. Also, do you recall how Kate and Sawyer were made to move rocks and pretty much slave laborers while in captivity? Do you remember that someone told Kate they were making a runway?? What are the chances that the Ajira Airlines 747 just landed on that very runway... just a thought.

Locke certainly was a man on a mission this week. A failed mission, but a mission none the less. His visit with Walt was interesting. Walt told Locke that he was standing in a group of people while wearing a suit and those people wanted to hurt him... sound familiar? Flash back to when he is with the new crash survivors on the island. Better watch out, Locke! And why didn't Walt need to be on the plane? Sayid seems to have taken on a whole new persona. He's working for an organization similar to Habitat for Humanity. Quite the change from the gun-wielding executioner he was just a few episodes ago. I wonder how he got to be in those hand cuffs on the plane... did his past indiscretions finally catch up with him? Or did Ben orchestrate that? I hope time will tell. Hurley's exchange with Locke was probably the funniest exchange this week. "Hey, is there a man in a wheelchair sitting here talking to me?" Hilarious. Kate seems to be a tad jaded by her loss of Jack. I almost felt sorry for Locke during their talk. Props to Terry O'Quinn for his acting in that scene. When he was confessing to Kate that he had been in love before and that it was his obsessive behavior that had ruined it, I wanted to reach into my TV set and give him a big ol' hug. Have I mentioned that I love this show!! The only part of Locke's meeting with Jack that has stuck with me was that Locke told Jack that his father said hello. Creepy.

Ok, what did we glean from this episode? I suppose that the answer actually a lot of questions? Who are these new people and how are they going to play into the overall story of LOST? Since I'm guessing that they are in the future (from when Sawyer and others were bouncing around in time), and the original Losties are in the past (think Dharma Initiative past), how are these two story lines going to affect one another? Who was the woman that Frank (the pilot) took off in the canoe with? (My guess is Sun, but I'll only go into detail on why I think that if someone asks...) Why did Ben kill Locke? What is Locke going to do about it? Who can you really trust? Ben or Widmore? Argh!!! If you have any answers, please, enlighten me in the comments section!!

As always, check out these links for some additional info:
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Anonymous Comments

Tonight, I decide to enable anonymous comments on our blog. I realized that we have some family members who enjoy reading about our lives here, but are unable to say hello because of the way we had things set up. Now, instead of feeling like you are "looking in through our windows" (by the way, this is how I want you to feel - just not in the peeping Tom way), you can click on the comments button below and tell us how much you love us and miss us! :) That's for you, Aunt Susie!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Results Are In...

A special shout out to The Assistant Ringmaster for her most excellent guess of 30 lbs. 30 in. {{smile}} That's for you, friend!
Grayson had his 6 month appointment today. His stats were:
height: 28 3/4 inches (above 95%)
weight: 30 lbs (approx - he was wiggling around too much on the scale to get something extremely accurate) (off the charts)
head circumference: 19 in. (off the charts)

Overall, a good check up. No shots, though. Poor baby has a nasty cold and I didn't want to abuse him more. We are going to wait for him to feel better. They didn't have any problems with me not feeding him solids yet. The doctor did suggest that I start soon, just so he doesn't have a total aversion to solids. Apparently his gag reflex shouldn't be stopping me from giving him vitamins, though. I did get a short lecture (and a prescription for special vitamins) about making sure he has them every day.
However, the doctor we saw today has some concerns about Grayson's weight and head circumference. Specifically, that they aren't following the curve that's in their charts, but still going up drastically. (I believe that his head grew 2 in or something around the past 2 months) Now, we are going to try to figure out why. Grayson is getting a head ultrasound this afternoon and getting blood work done just to make sure everything is normal (the doctor thinks he probably is, but just wants to be on the safe side). Please pray that everything comes out normal. I'm a little nervous after "webMD-ing" all the big words she threw around... Thanks friends.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like time just escaped from you? I have. They usually include my kids watching TV more than I'd like to mention, no housework getting done, laundry and dishes in need of washing but not touched, dinner came from an outside source or from the freezer (pizza anyone?), and at the end of the day, I can't really remember what I have done. Today was not one of those days!

I must admit, I feel quite pleased with myself. Today, I managed to accomplish one of those "Supermom" kind of days that just makes me smile. I cleaned (seriously, cleaned - the vacuum and duster were used!), did dishes, laundry, make an awesome dinner that was way outside of my usual caliber of cooking, and I took the time to be cool mom. We built a fort in our living room. Just don't tell Jayce that it's a fort - he's convinced it's a tent.
We spent the entire morning in the "tent". Jayce read books, transferred all of toys I managed to get put away back into the tent, played games (his favorite - Jayce says, "Where's Jayce?" while hiding in the tent, then says, "Here he is!" while jumping out. He thinks it's hilarious), and just plain hung out in our tent.
Grayson got in on the action when he wasn't napping too. Jayce wanted to "hold" Grayson today. I'm not convinced that it's holding when they practically weigh the same...
Daddy spent some time in the tent after dinner too. Jayce and Daddy had a blast building tall towers with blocks, playing with a flashlight, and hanging out. Hmm... I hope Daddy helps put away all of those toys they got out!
Did I mention my culinary expertise? Ok, I'm certainly not going to win any awards or be admitted to culinary school, but my husband was pleased with the change of course this week. I have to admit, I'm not exactly a great cook. I make the basics just about everyday - tacos, spaghetti, mac n' cheese (homemade - just like Grandma used to make it, Jenney!), salads, etc. are usually on my hit list. However, I tried something new (to me) that I'd never made before. Yesterday, the day of the sickness, I made pot roast. My mom knows this about me - I don't touch raw meat. I find something absolutely disgusting about handing raw meat. And I was going to be a doctor in another life... I digress. I made pot roast. And it was pretty delicious. Tonight, I used the left overs and made beef stew with homemade biscuits.
I impress myself. My husband too... I'm afraid he's going to start expecting this kind of cooking all the time.
Now, I'm blogging, the boys are playing with Daddy, and I'm looking forward to turning on LOST tonight, guilt free, because I've been so productive today. Go me!


A few days ago, Grayson celebrated his half birthday. I can't believe 6 months have already passed. We celebrated by me trying to do a "photo shoot" of sorts with him in our living room. I think I managed to get a couple of good shots!
I like this one because you can see exactly what I was trying to do, and how Jayce was so excited to play on my "backdrop". Oh well, it made for a cute picture!
So, tomorrow, Grayson goes in for his 6 month well baby check-up. Place your guesses in the comments section about how big you think he is going to be!! Your prize will be a special shout out to the winner... and a big ol' smile from me!


Hello There! We are playing "The Telephone Game" over at BlogBaby ( come join the circle and pass this message on to fellow bloggers - The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain er...and also BlogBaby is Super Wicked and Awesome! Seriously, she's a BABY who BLOGS!
Check out BlogBaby to learn why we are playing "The Telephone Game" and how you can get in on it.

This is on behalf of my friend, The Assistant Ringmaster, may she win a cute headband from Blogbaby, one of my favorite blogs to read. She's hilarious - I've already given her a shout-out here before. You must go visit her. Seriously, go. Now!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tearless Tuesday

Rejoice always. Pray continually. Give Thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
(Emphasis added).

Our thanks to Blogbaby for creating this blog carnival that celebrates Tuesday Fiona Whitt's life - by choosing to be thankful in all circumstances.

Now, what I'm thankful for this week:

1. my husband - I know I say this every week, but I really mean it. He's such a great husband and father. He takes such good care of his family. Case in point, yesterday I came down with the flu. He left work for an hour to get the kids into bed while I was laying on the couch, willing myself to not get sick. Then he was back to work for a full shift. This morning he got the boys up and took Jayce to my in-laws so that I'd only have to deal with one kid today while I was trying to recover.

2. job security - Yeah, I know. It's unheard of in this day and age. However, as the economy continues to tank, people get more and more desperate and start breaking the law more and more. That means job security for someone who works for the sheriff's department.

3. amazing family - My in-laws are great people. Two times this past week they have watched the boys for us at the last minute. Friday night, Jeremy and I actually got a "date night" and today they gladly took on Jayce so I could recover from being sick. I love having family nearby who are madly in love with my kids and willing to hang out with them. Thanks Mom and Dad Meyers.

Now, it's your turn. What are you thankful for today?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

And now, my weekly foray into admitting my faults, a la MckMama style, so sit back, buckle up, and keep your arms and legs inside the car - this week was a doosy!

Right now, you would not see my dutifully typing up my Not Me! Monday list while watching the Oscars on television. I did not lay claim to the TV tonight and force my husband to watch the 3+ hour long telecast while I cheered on my favorites (yes! Heath and Kate won!). I do not look forward to this Sunday night every year. Nope, not me!

This week, you would not have caught me in a wide array of (ahem) questionable attire. These things did not include:
- purple strip socks worn with black high heels
- black, stretchy maternity pants (that I still haven't put away - six months after having my baby) that I wore out on a date night with my husband because I haven't done laundry in forever.
- the same (ahem) maternity shirt that I had worn on our trip home from my brother's house - without being washed - have I mentioned that I need to do laundry??

I did not come to the conclusion, this week, that I am the worst housekeeper/homemaker on the face of this planet. Seriously, I'm rather disgusting. I did not go a couple of days without showering because I had no reason to go out of the house. I did not actually leave the house during that time to "run to the store" and happen to see my neighbor at the store. I was not totally embarrassed to have been seen out in public having not showered that day. I did not leave approximately 2 1/2 days worth of dishes in my sink over the course of this week. They are not still there. I have not had intentions of vacuuming my rug in the living room all week long and have not actually gotten to it. I told you - I'm horrible. Uh, I mean, nope, not me!

I did not cause my husband to have a minor heart attack tonight by screeching at the top of my lungs (think someone who is deathly afraid of spiders seeing one crawling across their arm - like that) when I witnessed my 6 month old peeing on the carpet as his diaper was being changed. Seriously, I'm a mom - I see that kind of stuff all the time, right? I would never have such a reaction to something as harmless as urine. I did not laugh hysterically when my husband jumped violently after I startled him with my scream. I definitely did not laugh for approximately 10 minutes because I found the whole situation hilarious. Not me!

Lastly, I am not the best teacher in the world... My 2 year old did not count for me this week:
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen... Good job, Jayce. Good job.

I do not have many other things (you know, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc.) that I should be doing right now. What have you not done this week??

Friday, February 20, 2009

6 Months

A lot can happen in six months. For instance, this gorgeous little, Jayce-look-a-like newborn...

can turn into this handsome, squishy, smiley, beautiful little baby who is interested in anything his big brother does and trying desperately to follow in his footsteps (literally). His existence has rocked our family and changed us for the better. We love him dearly and cannot wait to see what the next 6 months and the future hold for him and for us.

Happy 6 month Birthday, Grayson. I love you!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Picnic

Because today we woke up to more of this (bitter cold included)...
and because we remember that not too long ago, we were enjoying "spring-like" weather, doing things like this...
We decided to switch things up a little today and to enjoy a picnic lunch. Mid-winter. On our living room floor. The mother in this house needed a change of pace. I dragged the kids along with me.
Grayson has taken upon himself the desire to explore Jayce's cups that get randomly left around the house. Therefore, he was introduced to the beginner's sippy cup today. He likes to chew on it. Not drink the water from it. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.
While Grayson chewed, Jayce and I enjoyed a lunch of peanut butter and honey sandwiches (a favorite as a kid!), pears, apples, and green beans. Mmm, yummy!
Now, to come up with a creative diversion for tomorrow (when I won't want to go out in the cold again)...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Weekend Trip

** First a warning, this is an extremely long post!! **

This past weekend, the boys and I packed ourselves into my parent's vehicle and journeyed down to visit Uncle Kevin and Auntie Rachel. We had an amazing time visiting with everyone in Virginia, and we'd like to share some of our favorite pictures with you!

Here's Grayson, wide awake at the hotel we stopped at half of the way down to Virginia. It was an extremely long night, with Grayson not wanting to sleep because of all of the shut eye he got in the car.
Jayce, on the other hand, didn't open an eye while being transferred into the hotel room.
This is Grayson's "Elvis" look.
We made many, many stops along the way for the boys. Every time we stopped for gas, it was an opportunity to get out of the car and check out our surroundings. Jayce found a rock to climb on at this stop!
There were some really neat signs to pose with too.
Let's not forget Grayson and Nana.
Uncle Kevin was beyond surprised to see us show up at his house.
(Please excuse the coloring of this photo... inexperienced hands took this photo) We had a blast playing a new game this weekend - Dicecapades! Look it up, it's hilarious! One of the things we had to do in this game: arm wrestle! I won!!
Saturday morning, my parents went with Kevin and Rachel to CampusServe. Jayce, Grayson and I got some downtime to just hang out. Jayce spent his time doing puzzles with no shirt on. :)
Rachel's sister, Shara, and her nephew, Kaleb, came by for a visit. Kaleb decided that he loved Jayce. He kept crawling after Jayce and trying to "get" him. Jayce was excited for the attention, but a little nervous about it too.
I just thought this was such a great picture of Kaleb.
Saturday afternoon, we all went to downtown Lynchburg to see a flea market. Jayce was more than happy to help with pushing Grayson's stroller.
The flea market had a stand that was selling homemade bread, dog treats, and wine. I just love this picture! I wouldn't have minded getting a chance to try the apple wine too, but no samples.
These are some stairs outside of the flea market area. Jayce had so much fun chasing Rachel around them. She's such a great aunt!
Checking out what's for sale in this store window... yes, that's a live cat. Jayce tried to "kiss" it through the window... too gross to share the picture I took of that!
Here's one of the only pictures you'll see of me from the trip... I was the one with the camera the whole time. Surprised, aren't you?
Saturday night, Kaleb and Shara stopped by again. Grayson was actually awake the second time she stopped by, so the babies got to check each other out. Kaleb is a big boy, but Grayson almost had him beat. Kaleb is three months older than him.
Kevin and my dad made everyone a Valentine's dinner Saturday night. It was so good! And beautiful.
Kevin and Jayce played "all fall down" for about an hour. Look at the cape "flying" in the background. They had so much fun!
Sunday afternoon we got a chance to play cards. Playing cards is practically a family pastime. Funny, now that there are children in the picture, it takes a lot longer to finish a game. It took us all day long to finish this one.
Jayce took a turn trying to do a push-up on Uncle Kevin's "perfect push-up" helper.
Mostly what we did all weekend was just hang out. Jayce did a lot of puzzles, with the help of anyone who was close by, and Grayson just played with whomever was willing to hold him.
Auntie Rachel rolled Jayce up in her yoga mat - they made a "Jayce Taco"!
Auntie Rachel helped Jayce calm down after our last night in Lynchburg. He does love to sit a read books!
Getting ready to go Monday morning... We had such a great time with you, Uncle Kevin and Auntie Rachel!
Here's the boys, all packed into their seats on the car ride home. They did such a great job traveling...
They slept, ate, watched movies, played with toys, did puzzles, played games, etc. the entire 15 hour trip home. Again, I have the most amazing two boys in the world! I can't believe how well they did at traveling this past weekend.
Thanks for checking out some pictures of our trip!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Oh, MckMama, how is it that you have me coming back week after week, confessing denying all of my weekly faults. I must admit that I find it refreshing to go through my week knowing that I have Mondays to look forward to, and that it is just that much easier to tolerate the pitfalls of life knowing that I can confess deny them all to you out there in blogger-land.

This week, I definitely did not begin my Not Me! Monday list on Wednesday... that would be a whole 5 days early. I did not begin my list early because I knew that I would not be able to post on Monday and it had already been a doosey of a week. I was (am) not able to post on Monday because I did not surprise my brother with a visit over the weekend. Surprise Kev!

I would never subject my two beautiful children to traveling 24 hours in their car seats so we could tag along on a weekend getaway to visit my brother. I do not have two of the most patient, understanding kids in the world who did wonderful traveling for that far. I am not the luckiest mom in the world!

I did not inadvertently flood my basement with spaghetti-laced, dirty dish water. I would never utter several explicit words under my breath after this happened, then turn to be certain that my 2-year-old was not in the room. He does not repeat just about anything these days, so I was not relieved to find him in the other room playing. I should not, could not, would not turn to my husband while cleaning up the mess and say, "I'm going to title my blog post "What I Learned Today." I never blog in my head as I go throughout the day. It does not make everyday life a little bit easier to know that I can complain write about my not-so-pretty moments and get a little bit of enjoyment out of them. I do not have the best husband in the world who is able to fix anything in our house just like an expert. Thanks Husband!

What have you not done this week?

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sorry for the lack of communication this weekend. The boys and I were invited along on a special weekend trip to visit to my brother and his wife. It was a huge surprise that we were coming, so I had to keep it on the down low... sorry for the lingo. I'll try to stop. Regardless, we have had a very busy couple of days, driving far, playing hard, going out a lot, playing games, and just plain ol' having a grand time! I will be trying to get a few of the hundreds of pictures that I've taken this weekend up on here early next week... Hope you all had a great valentine's day. I know I did, but I missed my valentine greatly. (Jeremy didn't make the trip because he had to work...) We are looking forward to being home again, but not to the 12 hour plus trip that's a head of us... Can't wait to tell you all about this weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

No, seriously, are you lost yet?? I must admit, this season is getting a tad confusing, but it sure is rewarding! First, let's have a moment of silence for our dearly departed Charlotte. {sigh} I was extremely saddened last night to see Charlotte's death. However, we managed to learn a lot about her past in those final moments: She grew up on the island as a part of the Dharma Initiative and moved away with her mother when she was a young girl. She became an anthropologist and searched all her life for the island because she was told that her life there had all been a dream. While living on the island, she encountered a man who totally creeped her out by telling her to "never come back to this place" and that man was Daniel! Crazy!!
Did anyone else cringe when the French man's arm was ripped off in the tug of war between Jin and Danielle's team and Smokey the monster? How about the fact that it was Jin who kept Danielle from going in after the rest of her team. I wonder if part of what drove Danielle crazy was what had happened to her team, along with the fact that she witnessed Jin disappearing and appearing several times. Do you think that Danielle recognized Jin when she first "met" him after the plane crash? Or do you think that since the time traveling hadn't started yet, it hadn't happened until just recently. For instance, when Daniel talked to Desmond just outside the hatch this season, it created a "memory" for him in the present. Does that mean that what is happening to the left-behinders is just altering the memories for those they encounter or are they really changing the past.... something to think about.
It's a shame that after all of Jin's trying to keep Sun away from the island, it's his wedding ring (meant to tell her that he had died) is what is going to bring her back. Did anyone else think when Locke was going down in the well (thanks Charlotte for the help!) that they were going to flash? And how about the funny flash just before that? When they get to the temple and Juliet says something about them being there when the Orchid was there and what a relief it was... then they flash and it's gone! Hilarious.
Next week looks to be a great episode. By the way, it's titled "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" - if we can infer from the title, it looks like we might be seeing what happens to Locke after he leaves the island. This should be good! As always, I welcome your comments.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What I Learned Today.

Today, I learned that it is great fun to splash in mud puddles, but it is not fun to splash in puddles of spaghetti. I also like to take pictures of baby toes.

Today we decided to enjoy our almost 60 degree day and spend some time outside. In the puddles.

While Jayce splashed, Grayson did this.
While Jayce tried to "Scoop, dump it" with the puddle...
Grayson hung out enjoying the fresh air.
There was a lot of splashing.
And a lot of playing in the puddle...
Grayson's blue eyes were crystal clear out in the mid-day sun. I suppose the blue outfit only helped bring out the color.
We took a walk down the hill and checked out the river. It's getting pretty high.
Man, my kids are cute!
Behind Jayce you can see that the water is filling some people's back yards.
This is the river... pretty cool looking (literally, Ha!)
When walking around down the hill by the river, there were still several puddles that had ice at the bottom of them. I warned Jayce to not walk in those puddles... I didn't want him to slip and fall! Guess what he did... he's got a good bruise on his knee and the wet clothes to prove it!
Do you remember what I said at the top of the post about puddles of spaghetti? Ok, long story. This is a pot specifically designed to cook pasta or what ever foods may need to be drained after cooking. Great concept. Not great in use. For some reason, I have a 50/50 chance of ruining our dinner by using this pot. Tonight, it did not turn out in my favor. While I was draining the spaghetti, the lid came off and our dinner ended up in the sink. I might have considered trying to salvage it, but my sink was having some troubles draining, so there was dirty dish water sitting in it... Naturally, I was ticked! So, I ran the disposal, and started cooking more pasta.
Jeremy comes into the kitchen and he can hear running water in the basement... never a good thing. We rush down stairs and what do we find?? Puddles of spaghetti covering the laundry room floor... and my brand new washing machine!!! Apparently, you can't use a garbage disposal to get rid of a whole pound of pasta (or however much I cooked up). One of our outtake pipes has a secondary pipe going off of it that doesn't actually go anywhere besides hover over top of our washing machine, and when the outtake pipe got clogged by my dinner, it backed up and spilled over. See, splashing in puddles of spaghetti - not a good thing.
However, if the overall result of the day is this smile...
And a baby that took a 4 hour nap this afternoon because he enjoyed the fresh air so much, I can tolerate the puddles of spaghetti.
And now, the baby feet:

I love those adorable feet.