Sunday, January 4, 2009


So, Jayce ended up sleeping through the night. He did cry two times before I went to bed because his pascies fell on the floor (no bumper pads!), so we remedied that situation and he was fast asleep before long. Jeremy and Grayson (thank you son!!) let me sleep in this morning because I was up so late. I guess Jer gave Jayce a little bit of juice so he didn't get dehydrated or anything. Unfortunately that didn't stay down. Since I got up, he's been in a good mood. I can tell that he's tired (he was up for a couple of hours last night, I should think he'd be tired!) because all he wants to do is sit around and watch TV. I'm such a great mom - that's what I'm letting him do. I can remember being sick when I was a kid and my parents letting me watch The Smurfs on video while I was sick. I would lay on the couch and have a puke bowl and flat ginger ale. Therefore, my child is sitting in his recliner (of course it's reclined!) watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse until the cows come home... or at least until naptime. We'll see which comes first!

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Shelleyrae33 said...

Sorry you guys are having a tough weekend. But just remember...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse solves EVERYTHING :P