Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some Things You Should Know

As of lately, Jayce enjoys putting various things on his head and calling them "goofy hats". Today, it was the drum from our instrument set. Doesn't it look like a space helmet? Therefore, when he went for a ride in the laundry basket tonight, he had to wear his newest "goofy hat".
Tonight, after Grayson woke up from his evening nap, Jeremy went upstairs to retrieve him. When they came back downstairs, Jayce kept saying, "Have it! Grayson! Have it! Grayson!" Apparently he wanted to hold his brother - so sweet. After three quick pictures, he started pushing Grayson on the floor. "Too heavy, too heavy!" Hilarious.
At our house, there is an understanding amongst those that live here: whomever is eating cereal is automatically required to share with Jayce. Or at least that's what Jayce believes! Tonight I had a bowl of Cheerios (yes, I was eating Cheerios for dinner - why cook for the sickies that won't eat anyway!), and Jayce literally sprinted from the kitchen to the living room, dove on the couch, and sat there like a little baby bird waiting to be fed by his mama. Being the mama, who was I to resist his charms. I suppose he's trying to make up for the two days he didn't eat.


Assistant Ring Master said...

Don't let people from Jeremy's work see that. He doesn't look that sick to me!

MelArcile said...

Yeah, but that was after sleeping literally all day and evening long. He woke up and felt a little better, then fell asleep on the couch while I was watching The People's Choice Awards. He was feeling sick on and off all night long. But I think he's going to make it to work tonight... we'll see.