Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Grayson is currently working on sitting up on his own. You might remember that my parents got him a Bumbo for Christmas, but my dear boy was too big for it! Therefore, we are resorting to using our Boppy pillow as an aid. Jayce actually learned to sit up this way too.
Grayson had assistance from all members of the family, Lexi included! She was standing by, making sure that Grayson didn't tumble forward.
Jayce was eager to lend an encouraging smile for his brother.
Grayson was quite proud of himself for doing so well!
He's got this funny habit of sticking out his tongue. It's cute!
Oops, I got so swept up in taking pictures that he tumbled while I wasn't looking... Good thing we were using the Boppy!
And I just have to show off this awful outfit Grayson was wearing today... That shirt is a turtle neck onesie that wasn't completely snapped up at the bottom or top (around the neck). Grayson also has been chewing on his finger a lot lately. I figure he's still trying to break through those teeth on the bottom - I can actually see white and feel them with my finger, but no luck yet!!
I thought you might enjoy a video of Grayson sitting up - sorry, it's a little dark.


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Kim said...

How sweet - do you think that the video shows what is to come for Grayson? You know, Jayce teaching himi about life (taking the boppy away and Grayson doing it on his own!).
Good job catching him with his lizard tongue out!
Love it -