Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Hello all! Welcome to my version of MckMama's Not Me! Monday! I find it therapeutic to "admit" to the things that you'd never find me doing, because, you see, I am the perfect mother!

I definitely did not think of a whole list of things to put on my Not Me! post this past Friday, and promptly forget it because I got very distracted this weekend. And I'm not struggling to remember anything that I did (not) do this week that would have been questionable parenting at it's best... bear with me, folks!

I most definitely did not allow my 2-year-old child to eat animal crackers and fruit snacks this week for dinner because that was the only thing he'd eat after being sick for several days. I only give my children the healthiest foods, especially after they have been under the weather.

(please don't judge me too badly on this one) I would never give my 4 1/2 month old Tylenol to help calm him down only because I can't figure out why he's fussy and not sleeping at night two nights in a row (while away from home, none the less). I definitely did not give him two dropper-fulls because he's well over the 24 lb. mark and requires the same amount of the medicine as my two year old. I did not give him the medication because I guessed that he could have the same stomach bug (gas pains) as the rest of us had, or is teething, or has a cold, or who knows what... I never medicate my children because I need the break... (Thank you all for understanding...)

I definitely did not knowingly try to mislead my blog readers by my previous post's title. I did not try to come up with something that would be the gossip mills turning... hehe. Sorry Jenney!! Of course, I did not drop everything and pack my family up to go visit my friend who'd just had a baby. I did not hold little Trey and secretly (or not so secretly anymore) hope for another baby sooner than my husband had discussed because I love holding little babies, and my "little" baby isn't so little anymore...

When packing for the trip I did not drag my family on, I never could have forgotten to pack a lot of the necessities that we require for such a trip - like my breast pump (we were leaving our 4-month-old with my parents two times while we were gone), bottles, breast milk, my husband's pants, contacts and contact solution, and deodorant, socks for my 2-year-old, the present for my friend's new baby, etc. And I so did not pack 4 pair of socks for me for our two day trip, while forgetting other things that were much more important. What was I thinking?? However, if I had forgotten to pack all of those things, we definitely did not decide to purchase a hand pump (and bottle!) that I absolutely LOVE! We definitely did not decide to go in the middle of a snow storm and (if my Grandma is reading this, please skip to the next paragraph) almost get run off the road by two different trucks - crazy drivers! My husband was not one of the crazy drivers - he was driving quite safe!

I did not go out alone with my husband last night because it was our anniversary! Ok, I'll admit - this one is true!! Happy Anniversary babe. I love you and am praying for many, many more happy years with you!

I definitely have not been neglecting my blog lately because I have been too busy too lazy to actually post with pictures and tell you what's been going on with us. I definitely have not been ignoring this blog while blogstalking other blogs. Since this one is actually true, I'll try my very, very best to get on that tonight...

Now that I have not been ignoring the signs that my 2-year-old is up from his nap for about 15 minutes, I will tell you to pop on over to MckMama's blog to see what she didn't do this week. Happy Not Me! Monday everyone!


Wayne said...

Great not me monday. how dare you neglect your blog. lol

Megan said...

I must ask, what kind of pump did you get and love? I got one last time that was a piece of junk and I don't want to do that again!
Good "Not Me's", I especially liked the things you didn't forget to pack.

Kim said...

I probably should apolgize to any of your blog readers, since I must have been a part of that busy weekend that I just LOVED with you and your entire family! Tell Jeremy that I demand a rematch! You have the sweetest children ever (could I mean even sweeter than my own? - possibly).
Love ya sweetie,