Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Husband

I have the most amazing husband - easily the best husband in the world! So, you read my rant last night about my ridiculous history with appliances in this household. If not, shortened version, my washing machine broke yesterday, just as I was gearing up to catch up on two weeks worth of laundry. And it wasn't the first washing machine to break in this house. In fact, the first broken machine is still in the basement "in case something happens to this one" says my husband. I guess it still "worked" meaning, it would fill and spin, but there was no working agitator. So, it would fill and go through a cycle without actually cleaning the clothes. And the washer that broke yesterday would wash the clothes, but it was no longer able to spin. So you'd have clean clothes that were soaking wet. As we've been having more and more problems with the current washer, Jeremy kept on suggesting that we just wash in one machine, and transfer the wet clothes to the other to washer to spin them out. Yeah right! I said we needed to get a new washer! Jeremy told me that he wanted to see if he could fix it for a fraction of the price. That's what he did.

Jeremy took the two washers that both kind of worked, and made one washing machine that does work. He literally pieced together the various parts to make one working washer. I'm still amazed. And he did this when he got home from work this morning (notice in the pictures that he's still wearing his work clothes - I guess those need to be washed now!), and wasn't done until after noon. See what I mean, the most amazing husband ever. And definitely the best husband in the world, at least for me!! Love you babe!
Oh yeah, I've been doing laundry all day long now... I never knew how much I'd enjoy doing laundry. :o)


Jenney said...

I"m glad your machine works again...not having one is kind of a pain!

Lacey said...

Yay!! That's AWESOME!! :) Good job Jer!