Monday, January 12, 2009

My Child, the Genius

You'll have to forgive me, but I just can't help but brag! My mother-in-law is a preschool teacher, and she's constantly telling me that Jayce is ahead of the curve in the smarts department. I mean, he counts to 12 and recognizes up to 9, knows his letters, can identify colors, shapes, spell his name, and is trying to write. Whew, I feel like that's a lot for a kid who only turned 2 just two months ago!
So, the other day Jayce wanted to play a game - he meant my parents' Nintendo Wii that was at our house over New Year's. So, to distract him, I pulled out some Rook cards. Look at how well he lined them up...

Wait! Did he line them up in numerical order?!? With no prompting from me!?! Well, I did encourage him to go through 10 once I saw what he was doing... My child is brilliant!

We were having a rough ride to my parents' house this weekend. Jayce was just getting restless because of the longer ride (due to the snow), and I didn't want him distracting Jeremy, so I wrote a few things in my notebook and handed it back to Jayce who got a kick out of reading it!

And he wanted to write a few things of his own... he's even holding the pen the correct way, just not quite low enough on the pen. Love it!

Ahh, what a great kid!

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