Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Babies Are Going to Vegas!

Well, lots of good news to share with my public... Oh wait. I guess the comment my brother left for me about being like a celebrity is going to my head a little. Especially because it came the same day that two total strangers commented on my blog... Maybe I'll end up as popular as CFhusband or MckMama... or not.

First of all, I definitely decided to document the sick Jayce we had moping around our house the past couple of days. I finally broke down today and called the doctor's office because it seemed like Jayce kept getting more and more tired. Today, for instance, he woke up late, layed on the couch and took an hour long nap, and then napped again from 1-4:30pm. Seriously, this kid can sleep when he's sick!! Look at poor Jayce...
And this is what we did the whole time Jayce was sick... seriously, the whole time. I am so sick of Mickey Mouse and Thomas and all of those fun kids shows... I guess I did bring it on myself!
But, the good news is that apparently 4+ hours of napping in one day was enough to kick this bug out! Jayce woke up from his nap just about the same kid from last Saturday. He's running around the house again and talking up a storm and not wanting to sit or lay around. Yea!! He even got in on some good bonding time with "brother".
Daddy took them for a ride too! I was convinced that Grayson was going to end up with "spit up" all over him, but they both survived!
I suppose it's fair to say that his appetite is back also. Mind you, Jeremy and I were having Wendy's for dinner. Not Jayce. Until when unsupervised for only one minute, he retrieved the bag with the french fries in the bottom that had escaped their container. Hmm, I'd say that he's recovering well. :o)


So, more good news! We're taking this show on the road in March! Las Vegas here we come! You might wonder why we'd take our 2 small children to Vegas of all places - I mean, that just doesn't sound like a great place to hang out for a week with 2 very young kids. I'd totally agree with you! We are actually taking the kids out to see some family of Jeremy's that live in that area. They actually live in Arizona, but it's closest (and cheapest!) to fly into Vegas instead of the city they live in. We are very excited to go visit. This is something that we've been talking about doing since Grayson was born. Jeremy and I both love hanging out with the family from AZ, so I'm sure that this will be a really great trip.

By the way, we let Jayce choose the hotel we stay in while we are in Vegas... surprise, surprise... he chose Circus, Circus Hotel and Casino. :o)

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Lindzerelli said...

We stayed at CC when we went to Vegas. Even if you're not there to gamble there is a TON of fun stuff to look at! We were there 4 days and didn't get to see everything. My favorite sight on the strip was the fountains at the Bellagio. I could have stood there all day and since we were there in JULY I would have stood there all day b/c getting sprayed by the mist cooled us down! Are you going to the Grand Canyon? I hope you have a great trip!