Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Some Pictures

Last night we had an impromptu movie night. Jayce and Jeremy snuggled on the couch while we watched "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". Cute movie.
Today I walked out of the kitchen to find this...
Turns out, they were reading books in their "tent" with a flashlight... Ahh, imagination!
We all participated in tummy time tonight. Grayson tolerates tummy time a lot better when people are on the floor with him.
I don't know why Jeremy did this to him... so silly!!
When the dog comes in from outside in the wintertime, we immediately send her to her kennel. This keeps her from accidentally running over children and from getting snow tracked all over the house. Tonight, Jayce went running after her and shut her in the kennel.... or so we thought! Jeremy called me from the playroom - he also told me to bring the camera... I know it's going to be good that way!
Another picture for good measure!
Grayson has been getting very vocal lately...
**Beware, this is a LOUD video**


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Lindzerelli said...

You video was very cute AND the squeaking made my dog think there was a toy in the computer. Poor Macy, she's been tricked!

Jayce makes a very cute Urkel :)