Friday, January 30, 2009

Just So You Don't Have The Wrong Idea...

By reading this blog, you are probably under the impression that my two children are close to perfection. Granted, Jayce has now demonstrated to us that he can sing his ABC's and he knows his telephone number... what a smartie-pants!! Then there's Grayson, one of the smiliest, happiest babies I know. Just look at him sleeping away on the couch the other afternoon... what a sweetheart!
Turns out that there is a "mini-joker" just waiting to bust his way out of my sweet baby. I'm a little nervous. (If you don't get this, go rent The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger was amazingly, diabolically, terrifyingly wonderful.)
You probably think this peacefully sleeping child is a loving, intelligent little angel, sent straight from Heaven. While most of the time I wouldn't disagree (he is quite smart!)... (and yes, he was falling out of his "big boy bed" - half in, half out, all cute!)
He can also be this screaming, blubbering mess who is forced to sit in the time out chair for 10 minutes while he worked out his personal issues. I suppose I need reminders every once in a while that my kids are human, and they aren't perfect. I guess this post was mostly for me!


Kim said...

Nana loved all the pictures but the last one - :-(
I do not it is necessary - keep staying consistent, it does pay off. I love you guys more than I can say with words.
(tell your mom - no more references to evil people in movies)

Kim said...

Oops, that last post should have said "I do KNOW it is necessary"

Jenney said...

Oh how I love those long tantrums...usually over banannas or Dora at my house...*sigh*