Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Read - a post by Grayson

Hi all. Melissa here. Today we are going to have a guest blogger, my second-born son, Grayson. Ok, Grayson, take it away!

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Ok, maybe we'll start with dictation for his first post:

Hello adoring fans. In honor of the new blog my mama discovered last night, Blogbaby (seriously check out this girl - she's only one and she's already blogging! I wish I could be so cool...) I'm taking over her blog this morning with a little post all about how to read when you are a baby.

When you first discover a book you want to read, you must talk to it. Tell it about your day, make sure it realizes you have every intention of reading it, you know, the basics. Note the video below.

After talking to your book, you must stare it down, so that it knows you mean business. Also, by staring down your book, your mama will begin to realize that you mean business and that you have every intention of reading when only 5 months old.
Next, you'll want to get a hold of the book. This may be difficult because, if we are being honest here, we don't really have that great of fine motor skills yet... However, if you work at it for a very long time, you might be able to grasp the book you are interested in. Of course, when this finally happens, you definitely need to taste the book. I've learned at a very young age (you know, before I was 5 months old) that everything needs to be tasted.
The next step is to roll over so that you can get a really good look at the book. Now, I'm not quite yet to the point that I can roll over on my own, but I totally know how to manipulate my mama to do my bidding when I need help. I mean, it was just one look, and she was jumping up to flip me over to my belly. What a gal!
Hopefully, while being rolled over, your mama will also realize that you might like to look at the book upright. See if you can't telepathically tell your mama to set up your book. Again, I have my mama wrapped around my little finger, so it was pretty easy for me. (Melissa here again. I'd like to interject here and tell you that, unfortunately, this is true...)
This would be the point in the morning that you'd want to make sure that the mama you've got helping you also has the camera that always seems to be in her hand. See, I've got my mama trained. Every time I do something even remotely cute and adorable (which is really all of the time. I don't know how she gets anything done!), I've got my mama trained to point the camera in my direction. I've heard my daddy say that it's because she's always blogging in her head, but I think it's because brother and I are so stinkin' cute! Anywho... make sure that your mama takes lots of pictures of you being cute and adorable - like we babies always are!
Finally, when you are getting done reading your book, move on to more interesting things. For instance, you might want to play with a ball, or show off and try to get up on your hands and knees (even though my mama thinks I'm too young to be interested in getting up on my hands and knees, I'm really trying too. She tells me that she's glad I'm so big, because if I wasn't, maybe I'd already be able to get on my hands and knees. I don't understand why that's so bad!). No matter what you decide to do next, always keep you mama wrapped around your little finger by giving her unsolicited, cute smiles that make her want to keep coming back for more. I'm so a pro at this. Again, note the video below.


Ok, adoring fans, that's all I have for you today. Happy reading to you all!



Lacey said...

That was really cute.... :)

BlogBaby said...

Well Hello there cute Meyers Family! Gosh...I am so honored by the shout out on your blog I think I might be blushing....either that or my checks are red from teething....either way though......THANKS for the compliment! I'll be sure to check back in on you Grayson, you are terribly adorable! And that big brother of yours...whoot handsome!


P.S. My BigBoy brother is named Gracen and was just as chubby as your Grayson is when he was a baby. What a Kawinkydink.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, that is too stinkin CUTE!!! Also, I just read the comment left by BlogBaby and she said Kawinkykink (made me miss Grandma Gingell)!
Lova ya,