Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Food

Seeing as today is Grayson's 5 Month Birthday, we thought it only appropriate that he should start eating solids. Apparently, Grayson agreed with our decision. Here's a picture of him from dinner with Jeremy's family this Sunday... notice the spoon held tightly in his hand!
Ok, I might have staged this, but com'mon, the kid is 5 months old! He was ready for a spoon. In fact, he wouldn't let go after I gave it to him.
So, tonight Grayson got his first taste of real food. At his 4-month-old checkup, the doctor suggested skipping cereal and going straight to fruits and vegetables. I suppose he was thinking something along the lines of Grayson already being so big and not needing all the extra calories that cereal would give him. Do you really think this kid is that big? Yeah, I guess I do too. Doesn't he look so excited to be sitting in a high chair and getting yummy stuff to eat!?!
Mmm, our first bite of squash. It was a long and difficult process to determine what Grayson would get to eat first. I went to Meijer today (they were having a great sale on baby food - half off!! Only $.25 for a jar!) and picked out anything that was straight vegetable or fruit. I narrowed it down to a vegetable, and Jeremy picked out the thing that he thought would stain the least - squash!
Of course we shot some video of me feeding Grayson. Don't worry, it wasn't the entire feeding process.


Here's our happy boy, excited to be done with his first experience with solids. And look, he didn't even make much of a mess! Happy Five Month Birthday, baby boy!!


Kim said...

I think he liked the whole solid food experience. Did your mouth open every time you went near him with the spoon? I'm thinking when he really gets the hang of it, you better be ready to keep that spoon moving on a regular pace!

Jenney said...

I think it was funny watching YOU open your mouth!