Monday, January 12, 2009


I suppose this is just an extension of my Not Me! Monday post from earlier... I've finally gotten around to hanging up some more recent photos of my family, and more specifically, just hanging up some pictures of Grayson... Shame on me, I know! Up until late last week, there was only one picture of Grayson hanging up in our house. Believe me, my husband complains about how many photo frames we have in our house. And Grayson only had one... I'm sorry son. We do love you, I promise! In fact, we've finally given Grayson some "photo love". Enjoy!

This is a new frame that we got for Christmas from Jeremy's parents. I love it!

Our entertainment center, overwhelmed by picture frames... And my note to myself to go for a walk. Please don't ask how that's going. I'm too ashamed...

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