Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Disease Is Spreading...

Here I was thinking that we'd escaped the spreading of the flu that Jayce has this past weekend. He's finally better, Grayson somehow didn't get it, and I'm still feeling well.... Unfortunately, Jeremy's come down with something. Something that's bad enough that he's not going to work tonight. One thing you should know about Jeremy is that he's of the personal belief system that if you're miserably sick, you might as well be miserably sick and getting paid for it too. So for him to call in is a really big deal... I guess it looks like I'm going to have another sick kid to look after for the next couple of days.


Kim said...

Give him a metal bowl that can be disenfected, be sure to have popsicles in the freezer and Vernor's in the house for when he is ready to start eating again! I feel bad for all of you!

Kevin Mahan said...

Jayce spread the flu to Lynchburg too. My wife just had her husband run to the Kroger here for Vernors. They only had Diet, we settled for Big K Ginger Ale. For breakfast she had two popsicles and now she's nursing a bowl of DISCOUNT (Mom - Progresso is getting too expensive) chicken noodle soup.

As for me, I started taking 1000mg of Vitamin every hour. We bought a bottle of it at Sam's Club this year. My goal is to get rid of it this semester. I'm killing the Vitamin C!!