Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

I'd like to open up the comment section under this post for discussion of last night's episode of LOST. So, what do you make of Charles Widmore being on the island 50 years ago? Who do you think the blond girl with the gun was? Could it have been Daniel's mysterious mother? Daniel did say that she looked like someone... How about the fact that poor Penny is going to the one place she shouldn't be headed to: LA!! Watch out for Ben, dear Penny. And what do you think Charlotte's fate is? It certainly would seem like she's on her way to a horrific death, but I don't know that we've heard enough from her character. For instance, Miles said that she's found the place she's been looking for (the island) - why was she searching for the island? What about her friend that loves her (Daniel)? Speaking of Daniel, how about the fact that Widmore was funding his research in time travel? And what did he do to that girl?? Oh, and how about the fact that it looks like Richard Alpert goes to visit Locke as a child because Locke told him too!!! Crazy weird....

Ok, time for some interesting reads:

Entertainment Weekly does a great Recap and they also have a ton of other info and interviews that you should check out (well, only if you are as obsessed as me!)

EOnline's Watch with Kristin also does a good Redux

Let the commenting begin!! (and I sure hope that someone plays along with me... Kevin, I'm counting on you!!)


Kim said...

I can't believe you didn't mention that Penny and Desmond have a baby and named him Charlie! Charlie is the one who willingly died so Penny's boat could rescue them from the island! I also loved it when Desmond just walked right into Widmore's office -
Missed seeing Kate, Jack and Hurley! Maybe next week?

MelArcile said...

I'm pretty sure that if I'd really gone into detail about the entire episode, I would have made my post MUCH too long. How do you know that the baby was named for Charlie Pace and not Charles Widmore? Mind you, I too think it was after Charlie, not Charles, but you never know! I kind of think it's refreshing to have episodes that leave the Oceanic 6 out of it every once in a while. Let's be honest, there are too many characters to cover in one hour long episode. I think that the stories would get too weak if they always tried to cover everyone...

MELISSA said...

Hey! I just popped over to check out how your blog header worked out...I love how you coordinated everything- it looks GREAT! I guess I was still a little off but it's pretty close...hmmm.

Anyways, I am a total LOSTie and had to comment here :). I had the same thought that the chick with the gun is Faraday's mom!

I assumed they named him after Charlie on the island, but you make a good point about Charles Widmore...never caught that! This show just keeps ya thinking and that's why I love it! :)

Lindzerelli said...

I though the same thing about Charlie Pace and Charles Widmore. But I'm assuming it was after Charlie.

Did you see Denny? I asked Jana and she varified that he was the one taking care of the girl that Daniel did something to. So exciting!

Did you know they are calling the octuplet babies the California 8? I think they are copying the Oceanic 6....

Ravin2 said...


I'll play along with this, you have the most incredible memory because I forgot that Ben told Widmore that he was going to kill Penny after the Marine from the freighter killed Ben's daughter. Penny is headed into the face of danger and she doesn't know it.

Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks the blond girl will be important eventually.

One of my favorite parts of this season is watching the writers slowly dwindle down the other people from the original fuselage crash site. There were so many on the manifest, but slowly they're killing people off that we don't know. Neal, the annoying guy that kind of looked like Crazy Eyes from Mr. Deeds. Also the two random guys walking by the creek at the beginning of this episode. I think I'll write this letter: "Dear LOST members left, whenever you see random people standing around you that you forgot to mention for the last 80+ days of your life - RUN!"

Lastly, I heard it said today that the Oceanic 6 must come back to the island not to keep it all a secret as Ben would like us all to believe, but to be the constant for the rest of those that they love there. I do think that what Ben is believing us to understand is not true. There has to be deception.

Charles Widmore couldn't be mentioned more times. He's everywhere.

Shelleyrae33 said...

Okay, I CANNOT wait to see you tonight so we can talk about this. You and Jer always seem to see more to the story than the average person.

Here are some of my thoughts:
1) I do think the young blond girl is important. I wonder who she is.
2)Thom guessed that the D & P's kid's name was Charlie even before he said it (go hubby!)
3) It was TOTALLY awesome that they tied the episode where Richard goes and sees Lock as a kid into this episode (as Thom says..."They have such AWESOME writers!")
4) I don't want Charlotte to die, I kind of like her.
5) It appears that Charles Widmore has always been an ass :)
6) WHAT??? That was Denny?? I have to back and re-watch that part now.
7) I am glad that Neal got killed, he was a pain in the ass!
8) Sun seemed kind of shady as she talked to Kate. I wonder what's up with her.
9) and most important...I think you should start as seperate Lost blog. You are way too good at this kind of stuff. I would definately read it!
10) okay, so I just wanted there to be a #10. Did I mention that I am excited to see you all tonight?

MelArcile said...

Ok, Lindsey - Jeremy and I rewatched that scene last night. I still can't believe that we missed it the first time! He was there, perfectly clear and all! So cool!!
Kevin - yeah, I was the one who mentioned that the Oceanic 6 could be the constants... remember? Here's a thought: What if the blond, gun wielding chick is Daniel's mom (her name was Ellie - could be short for Eloise - Daniel's rat's name - the scary antiques store/Ben's cohort's name also... just a thought!) It would make sense, plus, that would provide another connection between Daniel and Widmore (beyond the fact that Widmore financed Daniel's research). So interesting, so interesting.
Shelley - I agree. Sun was being very manipulative. She's a very different person now that she's "lost" her husband. However, I heard that Daniel Dea Kim (Jin) is supposed to be on the show this week. Thanks for the suggestion for another blog... If I'm honest, I'd tell you that I've thought about it... :P

Ravin2 said...

So the connection may not end there. Perhaps it's just the age similarity, but I think that Penny and Daniel could be brother & sister.

By that I'm meaning Widmore's mistress or wife could have been Daniel's mother. And, Penny's mother could have also been Daniel's mother (whom you know is Eloise).

Is it only for the time travel and island connection that Daniel is being funded, or did Widmore originally fund his lovers/wifes research that was later passed down to Daniel and continued?

Just saying.

MelArcile said...

I like it. I've thought that too... about Penny and Daniel being brother and sister. Too cool.

Kim said...

You guys blow me away with all your ideas. I obviously only watch and see what they want me to see (and I miss allot of that!). Although I do KNOW that the baby was named after Charlie and not Penny's father - she and Desmond hate him.

Ravin2 said...


It would help if you and dad stayed awake during LOST! :) It also helps if you can remember various, unimportant facts from episodes that aired approximately 4 years ago and were not useful at the time. Please also consult anything that Melissa talks about from Monday-Wednesday and you can pick up on a lot of connections that you may have missed from the previous week. I think her and Jeremy are the most amazing fans yet!