Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things

This has been directly copied and pasted from my facebook page. Thought you all might enjoy it too!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

I feel compelled to do this because most of the people on my friends list have also done it and tagged me. Normally, I don't participate in fun stuff like this, but I've had such a good time reading everyone else's lists, so...

1. I am a HUGE FAN of Lost. Seriously, HUGE!! I debate about it, think about it, talk about it, blog about it, read about it, and generally obsess about it. Ironically enough, I can't stand the science fiction genre. And I don't really like fantasy-type movies/shows either.

2. I started watching LOST because of a little show I loved in high school called Party of Five. I'm still obsessed with it and it's cast. Not too long ago, my friend Sarah (we would always sit together on Thursday mornings and discuss what happened on PO5) told me that I could get it on my cable's OnDemand channel. I looked and actually couldn't and called the cable company to find out why. Turns out, we didn't have that high of service - I almost changed my service JUST so I could watch them all... I didn't though. I initially started watching LOST because Matthew Fox (Jack Shepherd and Charlie Salinger) was on it. I watched The Nine (with Scott Wolf - Baily Salinger) too.

3. I was disappointed to find out that The Nine was canceled a couple of years ago. Never heard of it? That's probably because no one watched it. I did. And I liked it.

4. I check the following websites several times a day: Juno (email),,, my bank account, my blog and the various blogs I follow, facebook, (I like to know what's going on with my soap operas when I don't watch them - I'm totally obsessed with General Hospital right now), etc. I have an addiction problem with the internet...

5. I am trying to lose weight (baby weight from baby 1, in case you were wondering), but I don't have the discipline to eat right and exercise. I can't figure out why I don't lose weight when I'm not trying. Ok, I can, but I don't think it's fair.

6. I just found out today that our house drastically dropped in it's taxable value - looks like we are going to be here forever.

7. I enjoy Vegas, but I get sick of it after a couple of hours. Don't ask me why we are planning on spending two days there when we go out to visit family in AZ this March. Hopefully the kids will like it... did I just say that???

8. I've turned into something of a slob after having children. I only get out of my pajamas when I have to leave the house (in my defense, my pajamas are sweat pants sweatshirts that I actually don't wear to bed). My kids can be found in pajamas most days too.

9. Most of the time, my house is a huge mess. I only clean when people are coming over, and I actually make excuses so that doesn't happen too often. It's rare that toys are picked up because as soon as they are, they are all out again.

10. I demand that my kids eat healthy, but my husband and I don't. I'm not going to elaborate here...

11. Apparently, I have a TV addiction problem too. See above.

12. I go to MOPS every Tuesday, but I don't actually participate in MOPS. I do childcare. In an effort to make a little extra cash.

13. I go to Ada Bible Church, although I haven't been there since before Christmas. Sick kids, husband working (it's hard to get us all in with the crowd), and being out of town have all contributed to this.

14. I have a dog and a cat that I don't like. And they are both mine. I'm the one who insisted on getting them both. And now that we have them, I want them gone. Unfortunately, my husband won't get on board with them leaving, so they are here to stay... for now. Jeremy also claims that I'm secretly trying to starve the dog. I rarely feed her (Jeremy does!!) and forget to when Jeremy doesn't.

15. I hate to admit it, but we really have the best dog. A little hyperactive, but she doesn't bark, she's relatively small, obeys most of the time, loves being outside, has short hair that doesn't shed (much), is great with our kids. I still don't like her. Anyone looking to adopt a dog?

16. I have a child who refuses to poop in his diapers. Instead, he likes to poop outside of the diapers. I don't know how he does it. I think it may be related to his size. Or maybe his diapers are just too small. We are moving him up to the same size diapers as his big brother soon. yeah, the 5 month old and the 2 year old - same diapers. Awesome.

17. I hate to cook. I hate menu planning. I often ask my husband what he wants for dinner so I don't have to decide. I would prefer to eat out all the time. Saves on dishes. Just not money. So we don't.

18. I think the reason I don't like my dog is because she constantly wants attention. And I already have three boys who need all of my attention. I've just got nothing left to give... Again, anyone want a dog?

19. Since having children, I've noticed that my anxiety levels have gone up dramatically. Not the everyday stuff (most of the time), but big things. For instance, the first time we flew with Jayce, on the way to the airport, I began to think about what would happen if we crashed. How would we get out? How would I hang on to him (he sat on my lap)? I held that 5 month old baby so tight... It's only gotten worse over time. When at the park, not too long ago, with about 50 other kids, I kept on panicking about where Jayce was. And after reading a news article about a 3 year old kid who was killed after someone came down a slide and kicked him in the head, I've thought about what if that happened to my kid... Seriously, I'm kinda crazy. As soon as those kind of thoughts pop into my head, I immediately push them away. But I secretly wonder what happens on the day that I can't make those thoughts and feelings go away. Ok, really crazy.

20. This has taken much more time than I imagined it would.

21. My heart leaps every time Jayce voluntarily says, "I love you Mommy" or "I love you Grayson" or "I love you Daddy" or just gives out hugs for no reason. Being a mom is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Besides my husband (who I could not do the mom thing without). I love it. Crazy times and all.

22. I drink way too much Diet Pepsi. It's a family thing. I'll probably have diabetes one day too.

23. I secretly hope that one day my blog will be a cool and as popular as MckMama or CFHusband. Don't know who those people are? You're missing out. It's also a dream of mine to actually get it to the point that I could advertise or something on it to make a little money...

24. When my mom suggested that I start a blog, I didn't like the idea. Now I'm obsessed. Seriously.

25. Have I mentioned that you should check out my blog? Oh, I have?

Your turn now??


Jenney said...

Wow. I should do a shadow post using all your stuff...only my views on them...because mine are so so different...but we are still so so close (ok, I feel like we are close!) Would that be totally offensive? Like an opposites attract post?

Shelleyrae33 said...

You are too damn cute :)

Kim said...

So, I'm finding these 25 Random Things fun to read, I think you are WAY TOO HARD ON YOURSELF! I love the blog and don't regret that you are now addictive to writing/reading blogs. Also, you should take an inside look at your home and family. You have two beautiful boys who are very well adjusted/happy/healthy/and loved! Your husband and you absolutely blow me away (in different sort of ways - I'm not talking Bomberman here). You love each other, can tease in a way that would tear me apart but you always are watching out for each other and loving on your boys. I'm sorry that I didn't teach you more about keeping a perfect house but ours was healthy and for the most part, happy. Ease up, relax a tad more and love on that family! If anyone wants to come over, they should come to see you and not your house. ohhhh- guess I better get off my mom/nana soupbox now! I love you,