Saturday, January 31, 2009

Small Group

Last night we got together with our small group from church. It's funny how much things have changed since we all started meeting. First of all, our leaders took off and moved to Hawaii - the nerve! We still miss you guys, Jana and Denny! Although, we did recently see Denny - on the set of LOST! We've also had a few additions to the group. Four, actually. We are looking forward to the fifth addition, Emma, who should be arriving in just a few weeks.
Troy here is only a month younger than Grayson. What a cutie!
They bonded. :) I'd have some pictures of Sam (far left in the top picture) and Jayce playing, but they were having too much fun together for me to catch something cute! Oh well, you'll have to settle for these two boys who were quite fascinated with one another.

Baby Yoga

Apparently, Grayson has developed a new form of exercise - baby yoga with an exersaucer. This is how I found him this afternoon:
I'm guessing it's comfortable. He stayed this way for quite a while.

On a side note, Grayson woke up this morning with a bloody nose. I have the same problem: extreme dryness = bloody nose. I think we need a humidifier in our room again.


I am heartbroken tonight. Tears are falling for a mother who doesn't have her baby to hold. I can't even begin to imagine the loss. Please pray. Link.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Just So You Don't Have The Wrong Idea...

By reading this blog, you are probably under the impression that my two children are close to perfection. Granted, Jayce has now demonstrated to us that he can sing his ABC's and he knows his telephone number... what a smartie-pants!! Then there's Grayson, one of the smiliest, happiest babies I know. Just look at him sleeping away on the couch the other afternoon... what a sweetheart!
Turns out that there is a "mini-joker" just waiting to bust his way out of my sweet baby. I'm a little nervous. (If you don't get this, go rent The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger was amazingly, diabolically, terrifyingly wonderful.)
You probably think this peacefully sleeping child is a loving, intelligent little angel, sent straight from Heaven. While most of the time I wouldn't disagree (he is quite smart!)... (and yes, he was falling out of his "big boy bed" - half in, half out, all cute!)
He can also be this screaming, blubbering mess who is forced to sit in the time out chair for 10 minutes while he worked out his personal issues. I suppose I need reminders every once in a while that my kids are human, and they aren't perfect. I guess this post was mostly for me!

Oh, The Many Hats We Wear

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday - just a few days too late!

Jeremy had a "field trip" training day at work the other day and came home with these cool fireman hats.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You LOST Yet??

I'd like to open up the comment section under this post for discussion of last night's episode of LOST. So, what do you make of Charles Widmore being on the island 50 years ago? Who do you think the blond girl with the gun was? Could it have been Daniel's mysterious mother? Daniel did say that she looked like someone... How about the fact that poor Penny is going to the one place she shouldn't be headed to: LA!! Watch out for Ben, dear Penny. And what do you think Charlotte's fate is? It certainly would seem like she's on her way to a horrific death, but I don't know that we've heard enough from her character. For instance, Miles said that she's found the place she's been looking for (the island) - why was she searching for the island? What about her friend that loves her (Daniel)? Speaking of Daniel, how about the fact that Widmore was funding his research in time travel? And what did he do to that girl?? Oh, and how about the fact that it looks like Richard Alpert goes to visit Locke as a child because Locke told him too!!! Crazy weird....

Ok, time for some interesting reads:

Entertainment Weekly does a great Recap and they also have a ton of other info and interviews that you should check out (well, only if you are as obsessed as me!)

EOnline's Watch with Kristin also does a good Redux

Let the commenting begin!! (and I sure hope that someone plays along with me... Kevin, I'm counting on you!!)

Reading Take 2

And repeat:


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things

This has been directly copied and pasted from my facebook page. Thought you all might enjoy it too!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

I feel compelled to do this because most of the people on my friends list have also done it and tagged me. Normally, I don't participate in fun stuff like this, but I've had such a good time reading everyone else's lists, so...

1. I am a HUGE FAN of Lost. Seriously, HUGE!! I debate about it, think about it, talk about it, blog about it, read about it, and generally obsess about it. Ironically enough, I can't stand the science fiction genre. And I don't really like fantasy-type movies/shows either.

2. I started watching LOST because of a little show I loved in high school called Party of Five. I'm still obsessed with it and it's cast. Not too long ago, my friend Sarah (we would always sit together on Thursday mornings and discuss what happened on PO5) told me that I could get it on my cable's OnDemand channel. I looked and actually couldn't and called the cable company to find out why. Turns out, we didn't have that high of service - I almost changed my service JUST so I could watch them all... I didn't though. I initially started watching LOST because Matthew Fox (Jack Shepherd and Charlie Salinger) was on it. I watched The Nine (with Scott Wolf - Baily Salinger) too.

3. I was disappointed to find out that The Nine was canceled a couple of years ago. Never heard of it? That's probably because no one watched it. I did. And I liked it.

4. I check the following websites several times a day: Juno (email),,, my bank account, my blog and the various blogs I follow, facebook, (I like to know what's going on with my soap operas when I don't watch them - I'm totally obsessed with General Hospital right now), etc. I have an addiction problem with the internet...

5. I am trying to lose weight (baby weight from baby 1, in case you were wondering), but I don't have the discipline to eat right and exercise. I can't figure out why I don't lose weight when I'm not trying. Ok, I can, but I don't think it's fair.

6. I just found out today that our house drastically dropped in it's taxable value - looks like we are going to be here forever.

7. I enjoy Vegas, but I get sick of it after a couple of hours. Don't ask me why we are planning on spending two days there when we go out to visit family in AZ this March. Hopefully the kids will like it... did I just say that???

8. I've turned into something of a slob after having children. I only get out of my pajamas when I have to leave the house (in my defense, my pajamas are sweat pants sweatshirts that I actually don't wear to bed). My kids can be found in pajamas most days too.

9. Most of the time, my house is a huge mess. I only clean when people are coming over, and I actually make excuses so that doesn't happen too often. It's rare that toys are picked up because as soon as they are, they are all out again.

10. I demand that my kids eat healthy, but my husband and I don't. I'm not going to elaborate here...

11. Apparently, I have a TV addiction problem too. See above.

12. I go to MOPS every Tuesday, but I don't actually participate in MOPS. I do childcare. In an effort to make a little extra cash.

13. I go to Ada Bible Church, although I haven't been there since before Christmas. Sick kids, husband working (it's hard to get us all in with the crowd), and being out of town have all contributed to this.

14. I have a dog and a cat that I don't like. And they are both mine. I'm the one who insisted on getting them both. And now that we have them, I want them gone. Unfortunately, my husband won't get on board with them leaving, so they are here to stay... for now. Jeremy also claims that I'm secretly trying to starve the dog. I rarely feed her (Jeremy does!!) and forget to when Jeremy doesn't.

15. I hate to admit it, but we really have the best dog. A little hyperactive, but she doesn't bark, she's relatively small, obeys most of the time, loves being outside, has short hair that doesn't shed (much), is great with our kids. I still don't like her. Anyone looking to adopt a dog?

16. I have a child who refuses to poop in his diapers. Instead, he likes to poop outside of the diapers. I don't know how he does it. I think it may be related to his size. Or maybe his diapers are just too small. We are moving him up to the same size diapers as his big brother soon. yeah, the 5 month old and the 2 year old - same diapers. Awesome.

17. I hate to cook. I hate menu planning. I often ask my husband what he wants for dinner so I don't have to decide. I would prefer to eat out all the time. Saves on dishes. Just not money. So we don't.

18. I think the reason I don't like my dog is because she constantly wants attention. And I already have three boys who need all of my attention. I've just got nothing left to give... Again, anyone want a dog?

19. Since having children, I've noticed that my anxiety levels have gone up dramatically. Not the everyday stuff (most of the time), but big things. For instance, the first time we flew with Jayce, on the way to the airport, I began to think about what would happen if we crashed. How would we get out? How would I hang on to him (he sat on my lap)? I held that 5 month old baby so tight... It's only gotten worse over time. When at the park, not too long ago, with about 50 other kids, I kept on panicking about where Jayce was. And after reading a news article about a 3 year old kid who was killed after someone came down a slide and kicked him in the head, I've thought about what if that happened to my kid... Seriously, I'm kinda crazy. As soon as those kind of thoughts pop into my head, I immediately push them away. But I secretly wonder what happens on the day that I can't make those thoughts and feelings go away. Ok, really crazy.

20. This has taken much more time than I imagined it would.

21. My heart leaps every time Jayce voluntarily says, "I love you Mommy" or "I love you Grayson" or "I love you Daddy" or just gives out hugs for no reason. Being a mom is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Besides my husband (who I could not do the mom thing without). I love it. Crazy times and all.

22. I drink way too much Diet Pepsi. It's a family thing. I'll probably have diabetes one day too.

23. I secretly hope that one day my blog will be a cool and as popular as MckMama or CFHusband. Don't know who those people are? You're missing out. It's also a dream of mine to actually get it to the point that I could advertise or something on it to make a little money...

24. When my mom suggested that I start a blog, I didn't like the idea. Now I'm obsessed. Seriously.

25. Have I mentioned that you should check out my blog? Oh, I have?

Your turn now??


Grayson was due for a bath last night, and I used a different towel on him than I usually use. I love my towels that Mrs. Morse made us (so big and soft!), but I need to do laundry (I'd like to say that I'm trying to take it easy on the "washing machine", but really, I'm just lazy and haven't done laundry in a few days. I am not a good housekeeper.), but they weren't available. Instead, I used this cute towel that had a duck head...
Grayson is really almost too big for it. His little bottom was barely covered. But he was too cute, so of course I took pictures!
Using this towel last night made me think about the first time I used it...
Do you recognize this baby?
He's all grown up now, and no longer a baby. Instead, he's a toddler... my how time flies.

How to Read - a post by Grayson

Hi all. Melissa here. Today we are going to have a guest blogger, my second-born son, Grayson. Ok, Grayson, take it away!

a;dsfjae roijwekd f;ajsfiojeaj

Ok, maybe we'll start with dictation for his first post:

Hello adoring fans. In honor of the new blog my mama discovered last night, Blogbaby (seriously check out this girl - she's only one and she's already blogging! I wish I could be so cool...) I'm taking over her blog this morning with a little post all about how to read when you are a baby.

When you first discover a book you want to read, you must talk to it. Tell it about your day, make sure it realizes you have every intention of reading it, you know, the basics. Note the video below.

After talking to your book, you must stare it down, so that it knows you mean business. Also, by staring down your book, your mama will begin to realize that you mean business and that you have every intention of reading when only 5 months old.
Next, you'll want to get a hold of the book. This may be difficult because, if we are being honest here, we don't really have that great of fine motor skills yet... However, if you work at it for a very long time, you might be able to grasp the book you are interested in. Of course, when this finally happens, you definitely need to taste the book. I've learned at a very young age (you know, before I was 5 months old) that everything needs to be tasted.
The next step is to roll over so that you can get a really good look at the book. Now, I'm not quite yet to the point that I can roll over on my own, but I totally know how to manipulate my mama to do my bidding when I need help. I mean, it was just one look, and she was jumping up to flip me over to my belly. What a gal!
Hopefully, while being rolled over, your mama will also realize that you might like to look at the book upright. See if you can't telepathically tell your mama to set up your book. Again, I have my mama wrapped around my little finger, so it was pretty easy for me. (Melissa here again. I'd like to interject here and tell you that, unfortunately, this is true...)
This would be the point in the morning that you'd want to make sure that the mama you've got helping you also has the camera that always seems to be in her hand. See, I've got my mama trained. Every time I do something even remotely cute and adorable (which is really all of the time. I don't know how she gets anything done!), I've got my mama trained to point the camera in my direction. I've heard my daddy say that it's because she's always blogging in her head, but I think it's because brother and I are so stinkin' cute! Anywho... make sure that your mama takes lots of pictures of you being cute and adorable - like we babies always are!
Finally, when you are getting done reading your book, move on to more interesting things. For instance, you might want to play with a ball, or show off and try to get up on your hands and knees (even though my mama thinks I'm too young to be interested in getting up on my hands and knees, I'm really trying too. She tells me that she's glad I'm so big, because if I wasn't, maybe I'd already be able to get on my hands and knees. I don't understand why that's so bad!). No matter what you decide to do next, always keep you mama wrapped around your little finger by giving her unsolicited, cute smiles that make her want to keep coming back for more. I'm so a pro at this. Again, note the video below.


Ok, adoring fans, that's all I have for you today. Happy reading to you all!


Monday, January 26, 2009

This Weekend

This past weekend we escaped the west side of the state for the east side and a visit with Nana and Papa. We were fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with other family member also. Grandma D came by Friday night while we were there.
Of course the boys had to pose for some pictures...
and more pictures (this time holding hands!)...
and more pictures!!! Although it looks like Grayson has taken Jayce down (I firmly believe this will happen for real in the next year or so...), Jayce is actually giving Grayson a kiss on his knee. Aww.
Grayson got some cuddle times in with everyone.
Jayce was goofy as always. Although he did pick up one good habit this weekend. Check out the video to see what his new reading material is!

We played a ton!
Lexi took up residence on her bed in front of the fireplace. She managed to cook herself to a nice medium rare... notice the pink underbelly!
We also had a blast visiting some of our family at Red Knapps. I, like a moron, forgot my camera! I know, I always have my camera with me so I can catch anything cute at a moments notice. But this Saturday, no camera. I also somehow forgot to take pictures when Jeremy and I went to visit our friends, Jodi and Chris and their new little baby, Trey. It's probably a good thing... if I had pictures to document how great it was to cuddle a new little baby again. I would be in trouble!
I'm still trying to get a good picture of Jayce for the beautiful baby contest.
This picture is actually from this morning. This is what I found after I got out of the shower. Everyone loves Mickey Mouse!
Poor Jayce came down with a terrible cold this weekend. Check out his voice in the video below... he's so gravely and hoarse. I feel so bad for him, but I just don't know what to do beyond Vick's and Tylenol. Any ideas??


I have another thing to add to my Not Me! Monday list from today... I would never let my baby sit naked (or semi-naked, he was wearing a diaper) on the couch in the dead of winter so that I could take adorable naked-baby pictures of him... but look, wasn't it totally worth it! He's so stinkin' cute!!

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Now, on to my own Not Me! list...

I most definitely did not neglect to ever post a Not Me! list last Monday. I'm always on top of everything that's going on around me and I never absently forget to do things that I've been planning on doing all weekend long after starting a short list of what I'd write about. Of course, I did not again forget to post after telling someone that I'd just post my list a day late... I never forget to do things like posting, dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc...

Speaking of dirty dishes, I never would have gone away this weekend with a sink full of dirty (but rinsed!!) dishes only to be greeted by them when I had returned home from said trip. I am the best housekeeper a husband could ask for and I do not leave things like laundry and dishes unattended. I have not allowed the beautifully cleaned house that I came home to Christmas Eve to slowly turn into a mess.

I did not cuddle my good friend's newborn baby close this weekend secretly hoping for another cuddley little baby sooner rather than later. I have not forgotten how miserable I was at the end of my most recent pregnancy, and how hard those first couple of months are..... I definitely do not love the smell of a newborn, the softness of a newborn, the way a new born would lay on your chest all night... ahh, I want another one. :o)

I did not just rock my 2-year-old to sleep for naptime because he's sick with a terrible head cold (and possibly ear ache! He keeps messing with his left ear, but tells me that it doesn't hurt...) and he just kept crying and crying while in his big boy bed. I did not refuse to let him sleep in his crib again (he has for the past weekend while we were away) because I don't want him to go back to sleeping there fulltime. I did not come downstairs to find my 5-month-old crying in his bed and get him up only to let him fall back asleep on the couch next to me while I'm working on this Not Me! post!

That baby is definitely not waking up and fussing now... I suppose that one is true. Until next week!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Have Cute Boys

I'm really not too sure I need to say any more. After nap today, I laid Jayce down on the floor next to Grayson to change his diaper. They both reached over and started holding hands. Aww!


I think they love each other. {knocking on wood} The transition to having two boys is going easier than I could have imagined. I'm so jinxing myself...

Grayson is really starting to love the tummy time. He spins circles and is starting to scoot backwards.

My Husband

I have the most amazing husband - easily the best husband in the world! So, you read my rant last night about my ridiculous history with appliances in this household. If not, shortened version, my washing machine broke yesterday, just as I was gearing up to catch up on two weeks worth of laundry. And it wasn't the first washing machine to break in this house. In fact, the first broken machine is still in the basement "in case something happens to this one" says my husband. I guess it still "worked" meaning, it would fill and spin, but there was no working agitator. So, it would fill and go through a cycle without actually cleaning the clothes. And the washer that broke yesterday would wash the clothes, but it was no longer able to spin. So you'd have clean clothes that were soaking wet. As we've been having more and more problems with the current washer, Jeremy kept on suggesting that we just wash in one machine, and transfer the wet clothes to the other to washer to spin them out. Yeah right! I said we needed to get a new washer! Jeremy told me that he wanted to see if he could fix it for a fraction of the price. That's what he did.

Jeremy took the two washers that both kind of worked, and made one washing machine that does work. He literally pieced together the various parts to make one working washer. I'm still amazed. And he did this when he got home from work this morning (notice in the pictures that he's still wearing his work clothes - I guess those need to be washed now!), and wasn't done until after noon. See what I mean, the most amazing husband ever. And definitely the best husband in the world, at least for me!! Love you babe!
Oh yeah, I've been doing laundry all day long now... I never knew how much I'd enjoy doing laundry. :o)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


First of all, I'm really sorry for the pictures. I know that some of them are blurry - dumb camera. It's just not fast enough to keep up with Jayce!
So, today was a very productive day for me. I got up at 7am and worked out - I know, me?? That's right. I'm loving the pilates right now. After that, we went mall walking with my friend, Sara, and her son. This afternoon and evening I tried to catch up on my laundry... but my washing machine decided it was time to officially call it quits. Stupid machine. The thing has been acting up for the past couple of months - randomly it wouldn't spin out loads of laundry very well. You'd have to go down and re-spin some loads. Fun times. But, eventually, I could get it to work. Tonight, I actually had to wring out a load of laundry so I could dry it. Have I mentioned that this is our second washing machine in 5 years?? I think this house ruins washing machines and refrigerators. Yeah, we've had 3 fridges in the past 5 years also. Ok, I'm officially done ranting and raving.
Finally, some pictures. Of course, we couldn't walk past the play place 3 times without actually stopping to play for a while! Although it doesn't really look like it, Jayce did have a good time playing.
Jayce, apparently, gained about 10 pounds in his face while we were there. Seriously, this kid doesn't even look like my kid - I'm not sure how I managed to get such a weird angle.
Yeah, he was way too busy to even look at me!
This guy did though... look at those eyes! They melt my heart everyday!!
Apparently, playing at the mall really took it out of Jayce. He was such a lazy bum on the couch tonight.
What a great day. And to top it off, LOST was back on again tonight. If you know me personally, you know I'm obsessed.... If you watched LOST tonight, post in the comments about your opinion of tonight's premiere!!