Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Very Meyers Family Christmas

Well, I'm finally getting to the end of our Christmas fun with family. After doing Christmas morning with our little four person family here at our house, we jetted off to the Meyers' household to celebrate with Jeremy's family. We always have a good time when everyone is able to get together, and this Christmas did not disappoint. Check out Grayson below enjoying his aunts!


Per Meyers family tradition, we started with our stockings. Doesn't that mantle look full?? I suppose that's because we are adding more Meyers to the family every year! And wouldn't you guess that the two with the largest stockings are the two grandchildren... hmm.
Here's Jayce opening his stocking.
Grayson was enjoying his time with Aunti Kalena who was helping him open his stocking.
Then Grayson decided to climb into his stocking! We were a little surprised that he actually fit...
Wait a second... who is that small baby in that stocking? Well, flashback - just two short years ago there was another baby who was hanging out in a stocking... Jayce!
Grayson had some good laughs with Grandpa while everyone else was opening their stockings. Although we missed Jeremy's grandma this year, it is such an answer to prayer that we had the whole family together celebrating Christ's birth this year. And we are already praying for the same thing next year.
Aunti Lauren and Uncle Jonathan fixed Jayce's farm for Jayce for Christmas. It had stopped working a few months ago, and Uncle Jonathan being the nice guy he is fixed it for us! Thanks Uncle Jonathan!
Jayce is really quite the expert at opening presents... he's had lots of practice at it over the past month or so.
Here's Grandma and Grandpa opening their photo book from us. Do you remember my post about the free photo book from Oprah? Well, we were able to make both of our parents photo books of the boys for Christmas this year. I think they liked it...
Someone (I didn't see who actually gave it to him - I think it was Grandma and Grandpa) gave Jayce one of those blow-up punching bag things that bounces back up to you for Christmas. This is one of the things that Jayce likes to do with it. He's trying to blow it over while screaming "BLOW!". He also likes to ride it... I don't think he's quite gotten the concept of this toy. Thank goodness that there are Grandma and Grandpa's house toys and Mommy and Daddy's house toys. Guess where this one lives... :o)
I still can't tell you who was more excited about this remote control car present to the boys. And by boys, I don't mean Grayson and Jayce. I mean Jeremy and Jayce. The bigger one has had too much fun with this toy so far... It's nice to see the kid come out in him sometimes.
Grandma and Grandpa got Jayce this letters puzzle. Grandma is a pre-school teacher in a three-year-old class and she says that she's never seen a three-year-old in her class finish this puzzle in 2o (I think) years of teaching... I guess that means my kid is smart? Excuse me while I take a minute to brag here... He can also name all of his letters AND spell his name!! He also counts to 14 or 15, knows all of his colors, shapes, and numbers, and is just an all-around sweet kid that loves to run and have fun! Ok, I'm done. :o)
We took a short break and had a small snack after our nap at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Jayce was a big boy and sat on a bar stool. Unfortunately, Jeremy had to leave for work much too early. But we were thankful that he was able to celebrate with us. We were almost unable to have him around all day long because of his job. But thankfully, he was able to celebrate Jesus's birth with us.
We ended up our night with a Christmas "Bob-Larry-TV" movie. Yes, Jayce is pants-less. His pants got wet and were drying by the fireplace.
To the Meyers family - Thanks for a wonderful Christmas Day!

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Kim said...

Looks like it was a great day making wonderful memories! Praise God that Ron is doing so well that he too could enjoy the celebration! Love seeing him with the grandsons!