Monday, December 1, 2008

A Very Happy Birthday!

Jeremy likes to complain that in our family (with me especially with me!), birthdays last for at least a week. So, of course, Jayce's 2nd birthday has lasted just as long this year! We started with his birthday party last Tuesday at Chuck E. Cheese and are finally in recovery mode, now that it's Monday!! Check out some of the fun stuff we did this week!
As you can remember, we started out celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese with some of our friends. Here's Jayce with his "occer-ball" cake! He basically asks for cake everyday now...
Wednesday before his birthday and Thanksgiving, we went out to eat at Applebee's.
Here's Jayce showing me his really big french fry! It was as big as his head before he started eating it.
The servers came to our table and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jayce. He wasn't too sure that he liked it, but there were no tears! They brought him a scoop of ice cream that he insisted on feeding to Jeremy.
What a Happy Birthday smiley boy!
The morning of his birthday and Thanksgiving. My mom bought him these special Thanksgiving pj's to wear... after we got them on him, we discovered that they were girl pj's!! Jayce is starting to dig into his presents pile!
Jeremy found this cars set at Sam's Club that Jayce really likes. He's opening one of the cars here.
We had a Mickey Mouse birthday at our house. Jayce is in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now, so we got him a toy that sings the "Hot Dog Song" really loud. Jayce loves it!!
We also got him a lunch box with a plate and silverware set. It's Mickey Mouse, of course.
Yes, even breakfast had a Mickey Mouse theme! Mickey pancakes, anyone? On a Mickey plate? :o)
Nana and Papa came to our house to celebrate Jayce's birthday and Thanksgiving this year. They came mid-morning, just when the presents were starting to run out... Thankfully they also brought Jayce a few new gifts!
We all went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Lauren's in-laws (and our neighbors) were there also. That's Dave and Beth's son, Mark, at the end of the table... Jayce took a real liking to him (or more specifically, his name!). He wouldn't stop talking about "Mark, Mark, Mark".
The view of the other end of the table. That's Grayson hanging out on the loveseat during dinner. It's a good thing he wasn't rolling over yet!!
There were even MORE presents at Grandma and Grandpa's house! This is our new school bus - it sings. And it lives at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Daddy decided that toys that talk or make sound don't get to come back to our house!
Opening more presents. Jayce got some new cars to add to his collection at the Meyers' house.
Papa made Jayce a Mickey Mouse birthday cake for his actual birthday. I tell you, this boy has a new favorite food - CAKE!!
The boys with their grandparents. We are so blessed to have such wonderful parents (and grandparents for our boys) who are so loving of our boys. Thanks Mom(s) and Dad(s)!
We ended our birthday celebrations at Arnies (one of my mom's favorite places to go in town). Yes, even more cake!! Jayce was so exhausted by this point from all of the celebrating and late nights and lack of sleep!
Now, we are recovering. I'm exhausted from this past weekend, so I'm sure that Jayce is too! Here's hoping that we bounce back soon, and that is the last of the cake for a while!!

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Kim said...

Birthdays are for celebrating the person and relationships - Jayce you are a special boy and deserve the celebration!