Monday, December 29, 2008

"The Sound of Music" Amongst Other Things

So, last night "The Sound of Music" was on TV, and I love that movie! As soon as I saw it, I started singing along with all of the songs. My mom claims that "The Sound of Music" and "Annie" were my favorite movies as a small child. I am still singing the songs from last night in my head this morning. It got me thinking, though, about high school choir and the hand symbols for do, re, mi, etc. You choir girls (Jenney and Erin!) know what I'm talking about, right?? What were those called???
***Updated*** It's called solfege!! I just remembered... but I can't remember the hand symbols... ahh, memories! ***


I have to give proper credit to where it's due - Thank you to our friends at Our Family Circus for this terrific idea!!
Jeremy and Jayce made a "car parade" and it was subsequently destroyed by a bulldozer.


Here's a shot of my boys.

And Grayson hanging out in his exersaucer. We just brought it up from the basement!
Here's Jayce admiring his name. How cute, right??
Jayce and Jeremy came up with this fun game... Our house it like an amusement park!



Yes, my kid is this smart!



So, as I've been posting today (and yes, sometimes it seems like my posts come in pairs or something), I've also been reading MckMama's blog about her little baby boy, Stellan (8 weeks old) who is very, very sick and in need of some major prayer. Please pray that his current heart problems are only a result of his severe cold and that God heals him today from this cold. Also, that God will give the doctors wisdom on how to deal with his problems.


Jenney said...

We watched The Sound Of Music last night too. Matt had never seen it before! Can you believe that???

Erin Morgan said...

Yes, you're right, it's the solfedge. I don't think I would have remembered the name. But you got the memory going. Do is a fist at your waist. Re is a flat hand slighly turned up (all done with the right hand). Mi is the flat hand level with the floor. Fa is the thumbs up sign, but with the thumb towards the floor. I'm sure the rest will come back to you. It did for me :)

Love the photos of the car parade. :) Fun times!