Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Scary Night for Most

So, last night was a very traumatic night for me and for Jayce (and probably for Jeremy too, but he's so level-headed and calm about most things that you'd think he isn't phased by anything). But, I'm getting ahead of myself...
At night, especially when he's getting tired, Jayce gets very crazy, running around and doing things that tend to get him hurt. For instance, tonight, he was running at Jeremy and I and knocking us down, all in fun. Anyway, he was doing the same thing last night and when I had to get up, he started spinning in circles like below... (play video from Grandma and Grandpa's house below!)
The next thing I knew, I heard a thump and turn around and see Jayce laying on the floor, perpendicular to the couch, but with his face against the couch. Yeah, I know that doesn't make sense. He fell into the couch and ended up laying on the floor with his neck at a 90 degree plus angle. I didn't really think much of it because he immediately started crying (yes, it's a soft couch, but snapping your head backwards violently has got to hurt!) and Jeremy picked him up to comfort him. Jeremy put him up on his shoulder to calm him down, and he suddenly stopped crying (like he was trying to catch his breath after getting the air knocked out of him). Jeremy flipped him back to check and see if Jayce had any bumps and bruises from his tumble. Suddenly, Jayce stiffened up like a log and clenched his fists like I'd never seen him do before (although Jeremy would say that he does it all the time - however, who spends more time with the child??). It almost looked like he had a seizure (no, I don't think he actually did - I just don't know how else to convey what I'm trying to describe). Then he kind of slumped backward as Jeremy lays him across his legs. He sort of passed out then... I start FREAKING OUT!! For good reason too, I'd say. As I'm running for the phone to call 911 (my baby just passed out after snapping his neck backwards and all), Jayce just lays on Jeremy's lap, his eyes completely glazed over and not moving, crying or anything for about 10-15 seconds (Jeremy would say that it was less than that, but I beg to differ). I turn and run the other way because I realize there was no phone where I was going, and Jayce suddenly starts crying - screaming actually because he's finally "woken up" and is responding to the fact that he's hurt himself. I'm still panicking - insisting on taking him to the hospital after Jeremy convinces me NOT to call 911. Again, my baby just fell and cranked his neck and then practically passed out. I was concerned! His pupils were very dilated also, but not uneven or unresponsive. I still wanted to take Jayce in someplace to have him checked out, but Jeremy told me to talk to the doctor's office first. Anyway, a not-so-quick phone call to the doctor's office after hours nursing service told us that we needed to watch for head injury symptoms - throwing up, acting not himself, confused, his pupils being different, etc. We also needed to wake him up several times throughout the night to check on him.
Today, you'd never realize that he'd gotten hurt. Actually, while I was on the phone with the nursing service, he was starting to act fine. It was still a scary situation for me (and Jeremy too, although he didn't seem very phased by everything that happened), but thankfully everything turned out ok.


Jeremy would like me to mention that he thinks I am exaggerating this story to a degree (I do not think that is the case) and that just a few minutes after he stopped taping the video above, Jayce fell into Grandma's couch and bashed his ear on the wooden edge. You'd think that he might have learned a lesson from what happened last night... I guess not!


Sara said...

Oh gosh...I don't want Bryce to turn two!!

Lacey said...

aw poor jayce... and poor melissa! im sorry that happened....

Kim said...

Video: what a tender heart to give the snowman a kiss and I love the blowing out of the candle lights! Question: is Jayce going to be one of those accident prone kids? I remember many bruises during the toddler years, but so far he has "kissed" the bath tub (Virginia), table at the dr office (within the last 2 weeks) and now the couch in your living room. hmmmmmmmm - when he gets older, you might consider ordering him his own insurance card to carry with him! just kidding!
Love to all,

Shelleyrae33 said...

So scary! Sorry you guys had to go through that.

And tell Jeremy mothers get to exaggerate all they want - we're MOTHERS :)