Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Things

Just a few pictures to hold you through to tomorrow afternoon when I'll be posting some very fun, very cool pictures from our very fun, very cool morning adventure!! Stay tuned.
Jayce loves playing on the floor with Grayson. Everyday when Grayson does his tummy-time, Jayce is right there with him, entertaining! He was saying, "Hi Brother! Hi Brother! Hi Brother!"
Jayce's favorite thing right now is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (I feel like I've said that a few times!) and specifically Goofy's hat. This is his version of "Goofy's hat". I'm pretty sure that came about because one day as he was wearing this box on his head, I told him that his hat was goofy, not Goofy.
Yes, there's a little boy under that "Goofy Hat".
Ever wonder how it is that a stay-at-home mom of two finds the time to blog (almost) everyday??? Honestly, I usually do it during naptime... However, when the boys are up, this is what it looks like!
Jayce took it upon himself to help with unloading the groceries from our bags today... One of the questions the pediatrician asked us about Jayce during his 2-year-old check-up this week was if he could stack at least four blocks... What do you think we answered??
Hiding out from the paparazzi. These shades (mommy's shades!) make the best disguise!

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