Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Things 2

So, some random things to ponder while I'm working on getting up some posts about the outings we had this weekend. First of all, we put our Christmas tree up finally. Just the tree, no ornaments yet. We are waiting for an evening that Jayce can help us decorate the tree. Probably tonight. Anyway, Grayson is a BIG fan of the tree. He will lay on the floor and just stare for hours. It's very tempting to let him do that! When Jayce came downstairs after Jeremy and I put the tree up during naptime, he exclaimed, "CHRISTMAS TREE!!" I think he's excited about it too! He also tried to blow out our lights, even though they don't look like candles.
Ever heard of the TLC show John and Kate Plus 8? Well, it's about this amazing Christian family from Pennsylvania who had twins then sextuplets! The show is funny and interesting, and Kate Gosselin (the mom) just wrote a book about when she had the babies. And she was at the 28th Street Barnes and Noble doing a book signing this weekend! I was holding Grayson when she signed my books and she looked up after I told her that I enjoyed her show and she said, "Oh, a pajama baby! Look at those cheeks! How adorable!" Yup, that's right. The lady who's had 8 babies in only 4 years thinks my gigantic, cutie-patutie baby is adorable!
This is what Jayce did while I was waiting in line for the book signing. He does love the trains! I had to bribe him with a cookie to convince him to leave without screaming! I know, I know... I shouldn't have to bribe my kid to do something that he should be doing... but I just didn't want to deal with the screaming!
After getting home from Barnes and Noble, I got some cute pictures of Jeremy and the boys.
Yesterday while we were setting up the Christmas tree, we were doing through some old boxes and moving stuff around, and Jeremy found his original cell phone... it's the same size as our house phone! And it's Jayce's new play phone. In the video below, he's letting Grayson talk on the phone. His conversations usually go a little like this: Helwo? How are you? Um, yes. Nice. Goodbye." Hilarious!


Today at Grandma and Grandpa's house for lunch, Aunti Lauren played the harp for us. Jayce was quite mesmerized by the music. He sat staring at Lauren with his mouth hanging open until I tried to take a picture of him!
Stay tuned - I'm hoping for at least one more post tonight!

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