Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Year In Review Part 1

What a year this has been. Sit down, grab yourself a drink (you'll be here for a while, this is a long post!), and buckle up. You are about to fly through the first half of 2008 with us!

Last Christmas we were ecstatic to be able to share some very exciting news with our families: We were expecting again! Baby Meyers was due August 27, 2008 and we couldn't be happier. January was full of fun in the snow, trips to the mall to play, excitement over Kevin and Rachel's engagement, and celebrating our 5th anniversary while wrapping our heads around the idea of two children. Looking at Jayce right now, it's hard to think of him this small.
I just had to post this picture because Jayce is wearing an outfit at 14 months that Grayson is wearing now at 4 months. I find it hilarious.
February marked one year since Jeremy's Dad's diagnosis with Pancreatic Cancer. We were so thankful that Grandpa was still here with us, able to participate in his grandson's life. He had actually been getting good news at the doctor's office too: the cancer indicator in his blood and a CAT scan were showing that there was no sign of cancer! God was truly working a miracle in the life of Jeremy's dad. This picture is from a staff appreciation lunch at Cornerstone.
Of course, Valentine's Day came and went. How fun was it to dress up my son and take really cute pictures of him!!
At the end of February we received some unfortunately news. Jeremy's grandmother, who had been diagnosed with cancer the previous summer, had taken a turn for the worse, and was hospitalized in Arizona. She passed away just a few days later. This is one of the last pictures we have of her with (some of) the family.
Because of the pending funeral, and because it just really needed to happen, we took Jayce to get his first official haircut... This was the best out of the bunch of pictures I had. And the one with the least amount of tears. Now you know why we do his haircuts at home now.
We traveled with Jeremy's family down to Silvis, Illinois for Grandma Meyers' funeral in early March. While it was hard saying goodbye, we were pleased to have been able to spend some time with some of Jeremy's family from out of town. We really enjoy spending time with Uncle Bill and Aunt Diane.
And I'll take any excuse for getting my two boys into suits and dress clothes.
March also brought Kevin and Rachel back to Michigan for a weekend! Since Kevin and Rachel live so far away (some times Virginia seems like another planet!!), we take any excuse to see them, and a bridal shower seemed the perfect way to get them into town! And, of course, we took some big family pictures.
March ended and April started with celebrations: Easter, my birthday, and beautiful weather that allowed us to get to playgrounds much earlier in the year than normal!

Towards the end of April, we received some heartbreaking news that Jeremy's cousin, Nate (Nathaniel) Borger was killed in a motorcycle accident. Understandably, the family took the news very hard. Nate was a young man (he'd just celebrated his 28th birthday), full of life and love for his family. Jeremy had always had a special bond with his cousin and his aunt and uncle, due to the fact that it was their family that we always stayed with (even since he was young) when visiting with family in Pennsylvania. Naturally, the Meyers extension of the Borger family traveled down to celebrate the life that Nate had lived. We still miss him today.
We packed Jeremy's parents minivan with 7 of us (one being pregnant and very uncomfortable!) for the trip down for the funeral. It was a tight fit, but quite the family bonding experience.
May brought us more nice weather and more of a chance to be outside playing. Jayce absolutely loves swinging, so he was glad to oblige when Papa offered to take him for a ride at Karen and David's engagement party.
We were thrilled to be able to take our yearly camping trip with Jeremy's parents over Memorial Day weekend.
We had beautiful weather and Jayce was able to enjoy his first impromptu dip into lake water.Finally we were to June - I only had to make it through the summer and we'd be able to meet our new addition to the family! We were fortunate enough to be able to travel to Pennsylvania for Jeremy's cousin's wedding! Our extended weekend was full of many fun memories made with family. We visited the donkeys with Uncle Gary.
Jeremy and Jayce had a good time bonding during Amber's wedding reception.
Jayce really enjoyed imitating the fish in Aunti Sue and Uncle Ralph's pond!
We had a great time staying with Gary and Eldora again. Their hospitality is always so amazing, even in the midst of their grieving. We are already looking forward to the next time we get to visit with them.
Through the fun we were having with Jeremy's family, it became more and more apparent that Jeremy's dad was not doing well with his fight against Pancreatic Cancer. According to Karen's Christmas letter this year, "Ron started to have much more pain and nausea. He started to lose more weight, as he couldn't eat. By June, he had lost so much weight and was extremely weak and the pain required pain patches along with additional pain medication." Things took a scary turn when he was hospitalized at the end of June. However, the doctors were able to insert a catheter to help him stabilize his weight through intravenous feedings.
Thus ended the first half of our year... I was due in 2 months and we were looking forward to Kevin's wedding which was just around the corner. Check back in tomorrow and catch the second half of Our Year In Review!


Erin Morgan said...

What a great idea! I think I might do a post that's similar! It's crazy to see how much Jayce has grown this year! It gives me something to look forward too this year with Finnegan!

Lindzerelli said...

I thought the exact same thing! Jayce started out still looking like a baby and now looks like a little boy! I didn't realize how many losses your family had last year. Jeremy's dad looks so good compared to the beginning of the year too!