Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Here's to making up for last week and this week and telling you all the things that definitely didn't happen in our family's life:

While visiting my parents, I definitely did not only change a handful of diapers because I tend to take advantage of my mom's adage, "At least I'm close enough to change them!" I would never abuse my mother's kindness and willingness to help out with the kids, even the not-so-nice parts, when she's around. Nope, NOT ME!! (by the way, thanks mom for all you do!!)

I would never allow my 4 month old to lay on the floor, half-asleep while I'm blogging and watching (gasp) General Hospital because that's the only way he's been happy in the past hour or so because he's teething!! Yeah, I would never have a 4 month old that would teeth several months prematurely. I mean, he's definitely ahead on the weight and height charts, but teething early too?? Com-mon!!! (**Update! After a diaper change, quick feeding, and a small amount of Tylenol - by the way, how much Tylenol do you give a 4 month old who weighs 25 lbs.? I know it's based on weight, but he's only 4 months old! According to the weight, he should be getting the same amount as my 2 year old! - he's napping peacefully in the playroom**)

I definitely did not celebrate Christmas this year for (count them!) 6 days and apparent allow my kid too many presents to the point of him getting up every morning since then and ask for "More presents??"

I would never redress my baby into the pajamas he'd just spit-up all over only because I didn't have any other clean ones due to the fact that I hate to do laundry in our semi-broken down washing machine. I would also never continue to dress my baby in his cute outfit that he spit-up all over while being dressed only because his older brother was getting dressed in a similar outfit that day... Oh yes, I did do that!!
I definitely did not enjoy 5 blissful nights of full, uninterrupted rest while we were gone only to return home and have my 4-month-old waking up at least once during the night since then... I also did not in a fit of sleepy annoyance question said 4-month-old's love for his mother and need for his mother's sanity. Like I said, I was sleepy!

I am most definitely not considering moving my four-month-old into my closet (MckMama-style!!) because I just can't see him sharing a room with his older brother quite yet. The youngest still gets up at night some times (see previous Not Me!) and the older is not a great sleeper, and I don't really feel like dealing with the sleepless nights because of those two things. Oh, I mean, that's definitely not me!

I couldn't have finished off a tin of Christmas cookies that were left at our house because I'm on Weight Watchers - and I definitely did not eat all kinds of junk food while at my parents' house "because it's Christmas". I know this doesn't really pertain to being a mother, but I think that the best mom I can be is one that's not still battling baby-weight (from the 1st baby) and over-weight because I'll be healthier and have more energy, etc. And let's be honest, when you feel better about yourself, you can give a lot more to others... meaning, when I feel good about myself, I feel like I'm being a better mother.

Well, this has officially been long enough. What are your "Not Me!'s" this week??

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