Thursday, December 25, 2008

Many Christmases!

So, this past weekend Jayce, Grayson and I went to my parents' house to celebrate Christmas with our family on the East Side of the state! A big thanks to my dad - he drove last Friday in the terrible weather we were having to pick us up in Lansing after Jeremy drove us there. It was a VERY long trip, but it made us even more happy to be at Nana and Papa's house!
We started out our weekend with Family Christmas with my dad's family. Here's Jayce and Nana opening presents. I actually forgot my camera in the car, so I only have picture from half of the party!
More opening presents. Aunti Cindy and my mom (both pictured!) were nice enough to provide gifts for all of us that came to the party. The kids really enjoyed their stockings.
Grayson took a little nap with Papa while everyone partied - and Jeremy can attest to this, our family is a loud group. I'm not too sure how it is that he can sleep through these loud gatherings.
Rachael and Jeremy - We just found out today that Rachel is pregnant and due in August! Congratulation Rachael and Jeremy!
My "little" cousin, David. He's not so little anymore...
Grandma D. opening presents.
Nana hanging out with the kids - she's a kid at heart!
Jayce is showing Grayson his new toy (Grayson's new toy, but Jayce thinks everything is his!) Grayson really likes that giraffe - he gets so excited when he's looking at it!
I love this picture! Jayce and Mommy.
It sure looks like my cousin, Travis, could be Grayson's father... they look so much alike!! We also found out today that Travis' girlfriend, Bridget, is also pregnant! Yea for new babies in the family (and excuses to go to the East Side to visit!)
We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy two family Christmases while we were visiting this weekend. My Mom's family also got together to celebrate together. Here's Aunt Jeanette hanging out with Grayson.
The kids entertained by singing "Ring Around the Rosey" and other songs. It's funny to see all of my aunts now as Grandparents - they are crazy! My mom and her sisters were leading the sing-along session. The kids really got into it!!
Kevin and Rachel were up for the weekend to celebrate Christmas with our family. Rachel was actually quite sick before getting to MI - they went straight to the Med. Center when they got into town for Rachel. Thankfully, the doctors were able to help her out and Aunti Rachel was back to normal before long. Here's Grayson and Rachel bonding!
More Presents! Jayce opening his gifts.
And the singing started right up again as soon as the kids were done opening their gifts! My mom is a Sunday School teacher for 2 and 3-year-old kids at church. This past Sunday was Jayce's first time in her class. This is one of the songs they sing at church.


I was able to get in some good cuddle time with Grayson and Jayce decided to join in! Mommy loves her boys!!
Kristin hanging out with the kids. Jayce had fun bouncing on her legs. Kristin had a good ab workout!
The five brothers and sisters always pose together when they all get together.
Jayce was so exhausted from the afternoon party (and the lack of nap!) that he stayed asleep even after being dumped on my parent's recliner chair. Doesn't he look comfortable?? Not really.
Grandma D. came by after Mom's family party to say goodbye - she drove down to my Aunt's house in N.C. to visit for Christmas. Love you Grandma D!
Grayson didn't think that he got enough face-time on the post, so he told me to post this picture of him trying out his new high chair seat at Nana and Papa's house. He really seemed to like sitting in it to play some times.
Well, here's the first post from our long, LONG weekend away. Tune in tomorrow for more pictures from our Christmas celebrations!

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Kim said...

Yeah for family and blogs! Thanks, I enjoyed the pics and all the memories that go along with them!