Friday, December 26, 2008

"Mall Play" and Other Random Photos

The boys got to spend the evening with Grandma and Grandpa just before we took off to Nana and Papa's house last week. Here's a couple of highlight pictures from their night (thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for taking pictures while we were gone!):
Grayson got a hold of Jayce's arm and wouldn't let go. He really loves and looks up to Jayce. His eyes are always on his brother when Jayce is around. Look at that smile!!

Lovin' on his brother! It definitely goes both ways!
Grayson decided to take a short nap after his mini-photo shoot with Jayce. He found a good buddy to nap with too!
This is from just after we arrived to my parent's house. My dad was nice enough to come pick us up in the middle of a terrible snow storm - GR has gotten 2+ feet over the past two weeks... gross! Anyway, Jeremy drove us halfway and my dad came to pick us us. It was a very long ride, which made us even more excited to be there!! Papa was pretty tired because he didn't get his nap that afternoon.
So, we apparently have an addiction to mall play places at our household. I like them because Jayce can run around like a crazy person and there is actually room to do that! Besides, this past Monday we needed something to do while everyone was at work. And look at that smile! Why wouldn't I do something that makes that smile appear??
Although we did have lots of fun playing at the mall, per usual, the set-up of this play place made me really nervous! First of all, it was in the middle of the food court, so there were all kinds of creepy people sitting around and watching, and there were two big openings to get out of the play place that were pretty far from one another - so there wasn't any way to really watch both entrances. Thankfully Jayce understands that my rule is that if he leaves the play area, we leave the mall. Even though it was stressful for me, I know Jayce had fun getting some of that energy out. And it renewed my appreciation for the play places in GR!
Grayson had fun watching all the kids in the play place run around. The outfit Grayson is wearing was a gift for Jayce last Christmas... He's wearing 18 month clothes now... We have his 4 month check-up next week. I can't wait to see how much he weighs and how long he is!!
Jayce taking a break on Jeremy and my bed this week. Since Kevin and Rachel were also in town, there wasn't enough sleeping places for Jeremy and I to have an actual room, so we did a blow-up mattress on the family room floor. We actually had the best place - right in front of the fire place!
Grayson and my dad took a short nap together on Tuesday - don't they look comfy??
I absolutely love it when he's naked! I think is the most adorable naked baby - EVER!! Well, at least since his brother was this small... :o)
I love this picture! I think it's so adorable how they are looking at each other and smiling! You can just ignore the fact that Jayce is pants-less. He was getting his diaper changes, and I didn't realize how close I was to having an inappropriate picture!!
A perfect Christmas picture! The tree, presents, two adorable boys, and my mom's Christmas socks... well, almost perfect!
Jayce (well, actually, all of us really) was thrilled to have been able to spend so much time with Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel this week. We definitely miss them when they are in VA, but it makes long weekends with them so much fun!!

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